Wednesday, 16 February 2011

White on White

A little milder this morning. Mother Nature is giving us a break from the bitterly cold wind for a couple of days. Temperatures are forecasted to rise to the plus side of zero!

But probably not for long. We can't get rid of Old Man Winter that easily. Meanwhile I'll be puppysitting TessaDog for a couple of days, and I'm hoping to enjoy a walk in the forest without freezing my toes.


  1. How nice to have those blossoms in your window to remind you that spring is on its way. Enjoy the puppy!

  2. We hardly get snow in winter - sometimes we do - mostly frost and cold air with added 'wind chill' factor. Hard to imagine live in snow every winter.

  3. I love your flowers, and can almost smell the hyacinths from here.
    Enjoy your walk with Tessa dog, and keep warm.

  4. Thank you my dear for your sweet thoughts regarding Betty....These are tough times for us all....

    I hope "winter" moves on quickly this year for you---it sure has been a tough one for you and so many people...!

    In just a minute, your first Grandson will be Three Years Old!! I cannot believe it...!
    I wish dear Callum a very Happy Birthday!

  5. So beautiful!
    Love seeing the snow out there.

  6. Last week was really cold and rainy here and I had to laugh because many facebook/bloggy friends outside of California were reveling in the warmth they were finally experiencing.

    Glad you finally had a tease of the weather. It's still nippy here. But probably bathing suit weather for you. :)


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