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Sunday, 14 August 2011

If You Go Out In The Woods Today....

... You're sure of a big surprise....

Back in June, I hosted a party for The Bride to welcome the twins. Of course, the babies still had a while to go before making their grand entrance into the world, but they were very much in evidence if you looked at The Bride in profile! I invited friends, family, neighbours, and we enjoyed an afternoon filled with laughter, friendship, gifts and of course, party food.

Just look at this amazing cake!

Remember that children's song, The Teddy Bear's Picnic?

All created by hand by a wonderful friend. The picnic quilt was made of fondant icing. The grass and flowers were butter icing. The leaves even had sparkle on them. The baby bears were created from rice krispie squares moulded into a bear shape and covered in chocolate. There were baby boots and baby toys for the bears to play with. All completely edible.

The little boy bear cub brought his baby bottle.

And the little girl bear cub was in charge of the teapot and the cookies.
"Shall I be Mother?"

Who was the domestic goddess that created this work of edible art?

My good friend Glitterfly, that's who. She has just started her own blog, so please, go and pay her a visit. And don't forget to tell her how gorgeous the cake was!

Monday, 7 March 2011

On The Table #4

It was a Girls Night Out.... My friend G and her two sisters S and N who were visiting for the weekend, my friend C who had left her husband looking after her three little ones for a rare evening out, and me.... so we ordered wings and fries and G provided the salad and the wine.

We pigged out on all the things we should never eat. And we loved it!
Wing flavours were honey garlic, thai, BBQ garlic, gar-par, accompanied by gar-par fries and sweet potato fries.... truly an overdose of garlic fumes filled the house by the end of the evening. I pitied C's husband the next morning.

And then we rounded the evening out with a cutthroat friendly game of Aggravation.
Believe me, those women are brutal when they really want to win!