Friday, 12 June 2015

Off on an Adventure!

I'm heading to the airport on a Grand Adventure.... and I'll be posting pictures when I get back.

I don't intend my luggage to be lost.... I'll spot this suitcase on the carousel immediately! (unless anyone else is crazy enough to travel with bright orange luggage.)

I'll be in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and United Kingdom. Fingers crossed for nice weather. A few showers are OK, but I prefer sunshine. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Under Renovation

This elegant Victorian brick house was built in 1889 for Mr. John Baker, a wealthy lumber mill owner. It's had numerous owners since then, and the current owner bought it in 1978. It had been empty for a while and needed a lot of TLC.

The house has been covered in scaffolding ever since.  I had a tour through the house many years ago, and it was in really bad shape. The owner acquired enough slates to cover the leaky roof, but as slate is so heavy, the rafters and the roof framework had to be strengthened. The scaffolding came down on this side of the house for the Doors Open event, but it's still there on the other side as the roof's still not completely finished.

The third floor (originally the attic) is being renovated and made into an apartment. Will it ever be finished? Maybe. It's only been 37 years so far. Plenty of time to get it done. That round hole used to be a circular stained glass window, now it's just a round hole.

The view over the neighbouring rooftops out of an open door on the third floor. Where does the door lead? To the scaffolding of course.

Meanwhile work continues throughout the rest of the house. The owner opened the house to the public for Doors Open day. Needless to say, lots of locals crowded into the house eager to get a glimpse of the progress had been made inside the infamous "scaffolding house" over the past 37 years. When I was there around the middle of the day, over 750 people had already been up and down the stairs.

It's going to be a lengthy project I think.

 Interested in a reno challenge? The owner says it may be going on the market in the near future.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life!

Callum has been taking jazz and musical theatre courses at his local Dance Academy, and today was the annual end of year Dance Recital. This year he was in two numbers.... this is the second one, It's a Hard Knock Life, from Oliver! He's the little tyke with the flat cap. Mum and Dad and Grandma and Nana (that's me) were there to watch the performance. The show opens on Broadway next week!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Downtown Reflections

I was in the big bad city of Toronto today, and the morning light reflecting off the glass buildings was very impressive.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church at 73 Simcoe Street, built 1876, S.E. corner of Simcoe and King Street West. The curved silver building behind the church is Roy Thompson Hall, built 1982.

The tower of St Andrew's Presbyterian from a different direction.

I love the way the windows distort the reflections. No idea what building this might be, but I like the complicated structure on the roof.

C N Tower reflection, built 1976.

Canada Life Building at University Avenue and Queen Street, built 1929-31.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy Faces

We spent a sunny day on Toronto Island and YoungerSon bought an all day pass for the kids rides at Centreville. The rides have been there for years.... YoungerSon remembers some of them from when he was a tiddler. But they are updated all the time. It was a perfect day, not crowded, not hot, nobody cried (well, not much, only when they told Emma she was too little to go on the bumper cars, and that was REALLY LOUD!), everyone had a spiffing good time.

No explanation needed for these photographs, just look at the happy faces.

Somehow Emma managed to stay on the Frog Hopper for 5 rides, she smiled nicely at the operator and just refused to get off.

Bumper bulls? That's a new one. The twins were told they were too little to ride, big disappointment.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mermaids and Icebergs

Apparently, mermaids don't feel the cold.

Kit Sora, the photographer behind the Frozen-themed photoshoot this winter at Middle Cove, got out from behind the lens to model as Ariel near the giant iceberg spotted near Torbay earlier this month.
Photo by Kit Sora, borrowed from CBC News
For the full story go here.