Friday, 30 November 2007

Returning to the Great White North

And White it certainly is! We arrived home to snow on the ground.... YUK! I want to go back to Florida!

We left Ormond Beach at 10:30 Tuesday morning in sunshine, and got as far as Charleston, West Viginia, where we stayed the night. The drive through the mountains was awesome, and we only took wrong turns twice.

We drove clear roads all the way to Florida and back... that's 5,000km... and the only traffic jam we encountered was half an hour from home. Typical Toronto traffic!

We walked in the door at 8:30pm on Wednesday, and I've been unpacking, doing laundry, opening mail, paying bills and returning phone calls ever since.
YoungerSon and the Bride had shovelled the snow from the driveway, and OlderSon had dropped in with a Welcome Home cake. What a great bunch they are!
Now... where's my long underwear???


  1. Welcome back and can't wait to see some photos.
    We also had a powder of snow this morning.

  2. Wow, I'm in Florida, and I would LOVE to see snow!! :)

  3. Glad you're back; thanks for coming by!

  4. Welcome home. I hope you are all snuggy in your home now and the everlasting laundry is finally finished. No matter how long vacation is is's never long enough for me..Looking forward to your trip pictures.

  5. Welcome back! We are in Key West today and it is WAY TOO HOT! I will envy your cold christmas at home! Of course on Vancouver Island it probably won't be that cold, anyways!

  6. Welcome back.. I'm looking forwars to seeing the pictures.

  7. Welcome home sounds like all to much of a shock to the system. Its cold wet and windy here. The nights are long and dark. I have a flan in the rayburn and the wood bunrer going, its nice and warm. Hope your keeping warm. We are really near East Lavent, although I feel a little confused where that is. We are between Midhurst and chichester in a little wind swept village at the bottom of the downs.

  8. Yes, Fruit Cove is actually between Jax and St Augustine :) I would LOVE some of your snow, if only you could...

  9. It's good be safe and sound home again. But, it's so typical: When at home, allways roadblocks due to new contructions.
    Like me on Wednesday, when I helped mu second son with his moving: Oslo downtown - 10.000 different working area - road blocks and detours - back to the motorway etc. I came only 11 minutes late - but after the double distance.

    You are happy to have family to "fix things" - that's whats family are for.

    Here we are a bit busy, do some Christmas decos, before packing for our 10th journey to Latin America. First was in 1994 - so you can imagine we found a continent we do like.

    Outside, it's white. It's snowing. But tomorrow, mild and rainy.

    Our time schedule is as follows:

    7:05 pm take off from Oslo Airport
    9:10 pm Arrival Frankfurt
    11:45 pm take off Frankfurt
    10:10 am Arrival Buenos Aires

    The last leg is 15hrs 25 minutes non stop. Only New York - Singapore is a longer non-stop flight.

    So what to do? Well 6 hrs sleep.
    Then, we have to learn our new camera (Water and dust proof),
    read about and talk about what we are going to experience. Thinking with much of honour our daughter that cames down from Miami to be with us the first week. Nine hrs down south, she has to go, paying her airtickets herself - to meet us. Twice her age. That's family. Right?

    We wish you and all your family the best in preparing for Christmas - when it's done the traditional way, it's the best time of year - family working together conserving old traditions - giving these traditions new life - grandchildrens.

    PS. Sorry I did not know, at the time when I was with my daughter in Miami Beach, we were so close. May be next time.

    PS 2: Half watching a TV program about Botswana. Fascinating.
    Alexander Mc Call Smith - Ladies #1 etc.

  10. Hello Shammy. Too right I remember what we got up to at Martins! How could you have done all those naughty things!

  11. hmmm don't you have this backwards? isn't now when you should be heading for Florida and Canada in MaY? you are very funny!

  12. Glad you're back!!!! I'm looking forward to your new posts, but feel free to snuggle up in front of a fire with a hot cupp of cocoa first! Winter is indeed upon us....

  13. That looks suspiciously like the DVP!! Welcome home.

    Marie x

  14. glad to hear your back from Florida! nice shots!

  15. Welcome home Ex! That's so awesome that the family was there to greet you with cake and shoveled pathways. They missed you!!
    Finally getting a touch cold here. Actually needed a jacket today and it's downright near freezing at night, burr! Admittedly, I am a California wimp when it comes to cold.

  16. Lovely to have you back. I would love snow................. I think!!???

  17. You lucky little munky going somewhere warm like that.

    It is cold and windy in you old Village now! Brrrrrr

  18. Welcome Back!!!! What a nice family -- goes to show you raised them well :)


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