Saturday, 26 October 2013

Resuming Normal Service....

Somehow I have been neglecting this blog recently, not sure why, lack of time and ambition probably, but I'm determined to get back in the blogging groove.
Older Son was complaining about my sad lack of blog posts so here's one about him!

Older Son plays in his local Old Timers Softball League. A couple of times a week he's on the baseball diamond with his "Over the Hill" buddies. The season always ends with a weekend tournament, and this year they brought home the trophy! Woohoo!

So they weren't quite as "Over the Hill" as they thought they were. Older Son in front row, he's the handsome one.


  1. LOL,....Very Cute, my dear...."He's the Handsome one...."
    GOOD to see you back....I was getting worried about you....I'm having a little Blog Downtime, myself.....Cannot seem to come up from the abyss of sadness.....That's just how it is right now.

  2. The handsome one!...they're ALL handsome :)

  3. Welcome back, Shammie.
    I have missed you and your delightful posts.
    Your son is indeed handsome...but...over the hill??
    I don't think so.
    Now me on the other hand...
    yes over the hill for sure.

  4. Well, congrats to the semi anonymous older brother.

  5. Congrats to Older Son's team! Never ever to old to enjoy bit of good sportsmanship.

    So happy to have you back, Shammie. You've been missed.


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