Tuesday, 27 May 2014


After six months of living in a snow covered monochrome grey and white world, green is so pleasing to the eyes. And it all seems to have happened in the last 2 or 3 weeks here in the Great White North. Gradually the bare winter branches of the trees get that pale green fuzzy look, and then we have that first warm sunny day that we have all been waiting for, and everything bursts with new life.

The trilliums are blooming in the forest. White trillium is the official flower of Ontario, and is protected in provincial parks and conservation areas. Apparently, the seeds are dispersed by ants. Nice to know that ants are useful for something!

It was a gorgeous sunny day so I took TessaDog for a romp through Eldred King Tract in York Regional Forest. It has been such a cold icy winter that this was my first visit to the forest since fall. She ran and ran, having a wonderful doggy time. Can you see her on the trail?
We walked all the way to the pond which is a gathering place for both dog walkers and horse riders. At one point I counted 20 dogs tearing about at top speed, and 2 horses. I'm sure there were a lot of happy tired dogs later that day.

New beech leaves have such a lovely pale green against the blue sky. These leaves will turn a golden brown in the fall.


  1. Yep, spring popped suddenly this year!

  2. It must be good to see green again.
    When Canadians talk about the end of winter I always think about the old TV show Northern Exposure. There was one episode where everyone is waiting for the ice on the river to crack, indicating the end of winter, and with it the end of everyone's cabin fever that is causing all sorts of problems, including lots of punch-ups.

    Great photos - is your dog a whippet? Can't quite see in the pick.

  3. What a lovely place to walk, and such a terrific place for your doggie.....! New Green leaves are so very BEAUTIFUL! Especially after such a long hard winter. I LOVE your pictures, my dear---especially that one of your dog on that long straight path.....!

  4. glorious photos!! Love the bright green!!

  5. We have so little change in seasons that I think we are spoiled.
    It must be truly wonderful to see that green bursting forth.
    We are going to be dogsitting Snicker for 10 days in early June. Think it will be a challenge for us non pet owners but I'm glad to help out the family and really Snicker is a sweet girl.
    Wish you could ride by the ocean with us. I have driven that road many times before the Tunnel but I do prefer riding and gazing at the waves myself.

  6. Just dropping by!

    That second photo of the pathway with arching tree branches is just lovely! I wouldn't mind getting lost in a place like that :)

    My brother has just recently migrated to Winnipeg, Manetoba and I don't think they've experienced this kind of spring there yet!

  7. So gorgeous all that green!
    What a lovely place to walk, so fresh and inviting!
    Looks that TessaDog enjoyed so much the walk.
    You took great photos! Thanks!


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