Monday, 1 December 2014

Michael Kaeshammer comes to Town

I`ve been a serial volunteer at my local theatre ever since the theatre opened about 5 years ago, taking tickets, showing people to their seats, making popcorn, selling CDs, picking up garbage, doing whatever's necessary. I get to meet lots of interesting people, and see all sorts of movies, shows and concerts. It`s only a tiny small town theatre as theatres go.... just over 150 seats when totally full, but it was sold out on Saturday for Michael Kaeshammer.

You`ve never heard of him? Check out this video. I chose a Christmas number, well, just because.

Michael Kaeshammer attacks the piano with a terrific enthusiasm, I was wondering if the piano stool would survive! His fingers are a blur most of the time, I didn't know anyone could play the piano like that!

He was accompanied by Paul on the guitar (amazing!) and a fantastic drummer (sorry, I can't remember his name). All three musicians worked off each other constantly with smiles and grins. They seemed to have a secret musical language between them that translated into a memorable musical evening of joyful boogie-woogie, jazz, R&B, classics and just about everything else.

And not only does he play an incendiary piano, he sings too. And he's very easy on the eyes!

After the concert and the CD signings.... a hug for the volunteers! Michael Kaeshammer is used to performing to huge audiences at much larger venues than our little theatre, I'm so glad he was here. Come back soon, Michael, that was an amazing concert.


  1. Wow, glad you added the video, what a performer! Is this you with him in the photo?

  2. Sounds great - I love it when musicians have a good chemistry.

  3. You are definitely a fan!
    You earned the hug.
    Great job you do and you must meet some really good performers.
    Maggie x

  4. I am always impressed to see someone play an instrument well... especially the piano. That is a remarkable talent. As for me, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.

  5. Wow wow wow!! He's fantastic! How adorable he is, especially what he said about never being without his parents on Christmas. He knows how to win you over. Love that photo!

  6. Just great that you are volunteer at your local theatre.
    Love your photo with Michael Kaeshammer!
    Thanks for introduce him to me and thanks for the video too.


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