Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Favourite Hockey Player

All he needs is his helmet, face mask and gloves.....

..... his skates, a hockey stick and some ice!


  1. Nice pic. This handsome little man looks ready to get in the game. Hockey reshaped my nose a little bit in high school, but it's barely noticeable.

  2. He is ready to go and looks like he can't wait!! He is very cute, too!

  3. Oh my goodness! He looks so ready!!

  4. He's ready for the extras though! My goodness, they grow up so fast.

  5. What a cutie! Raring to go!!! My grands love hockey too. A great team sport.
    p.s. - keep warm. It's freezing this winter!!!

  6. Yes....... he's ready for off! What a lovely lad!
    Maggie x

  7. He does have the body language down pat though. :)

  8. He's going to be a heartbreaking hockey player. He'll make a lot of girls swoon.

  9. What a great picture.
    He's one handsome guy.
    I'll bet he is an awesome player too.

  10. Thanks for commenting on my post Shammy.
    Yes Thoralf was born and raised in Norway. He lived there until he and his wife emigrated to the US in the early 1950's.
    He had a very strong Scandinavian constitution.
    Thoralf actually had a handshake of "iron".
    My Hubby was with him several weeks before he passed and said when they shook hands he thought his hand would be bruised. Its a memory that the family always talks about...Thor and his handshake.
    Oh that I could be that strong up until the very end.

  11. Perfect Canadian Boy! Great form, of course! And how can you stand it, how fast they are growing up! But I bet they are getting funner to hang out with as their personalities grow.

  12. Love the picture!
    He is really one handsome boy!


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