Saturday, 14 March 2015

R M R at the C B C

If you are any nationality other than Canadian, R M R will mean absolutely nothing to you. But to most Canadians, R M R means the Rick Mercer Report shown at 8:00pm on Tuesday evenings on CBC TV.

Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian, TV personality, political satirist, social commentator and author, and can easily be described as the Canadian Parliament's "One Man Unofficial Opposition".  I've been a fan ever since he started on CBC's 22 Minutes in the early 1990s. Now he's in his 12th year of the Mercer Report. He gets up to all sorts of antics highlighting the crazy and unusual things that happen across Canada, and each week he delivers his opinion via Rick's Rant while striding purposefully along a downtown alley lined with colourful gaffiti.... here's an example:

YoungerSon, The Bride and I had vouchers for tickets (free of course, thanks Bride!) to watch a taping of R M R at the CBC studios in Toronto. (The Other Grandma was babysitting.)  We found a cosy pub for a beer and a burger and then headed off to the CBC building on Front Street.

Tech display of the current broadcast in the front lobby of the CBC building. We had to line up with a couple of hundred other people to get our tickets, and then up in the elevators to the studio.

Getting the audience seated inside the studio. Rick came out to introduce the show and to chat to the audience before the taping started.

The set of the R M R, I took a couple of photos of Rick, but too blurry to publish, and no photos allowed when they are actually taping..
Looking up inside the CBC building. The green wall houses the elevators. RMR is taped at the top on the 10th floor.

Looking down to the main atrium level. 

I'll be watching Rick's show next Tuesday. Maybe I'll spot the backs of our heads.


  1. I think I would love this show! Too bad I cannot watch it. What a great adventure! Did it meet your expectations? I don't mind that you could not snap him, I just like looking at the building and the scene. Both the building and the set are beautiful and modern. How long did you have to wait for the tickets? Did he take questions?

  2. If I had been looking down from the tenth floor, vertigo would have kicked in!

    It sounds like it was a good show.

    My favourite satirical programme in the UK must be "Have I Got News for You"

  3. My son and daughter in law saw a taping of this show a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Rick is a national treasure.

  4. You really had a wonderful experience. The CBC building with green elevator is beautiful.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. ありがとうございます。Regarding your yonger son’s birthday at the end of March, if he were Japanese, he’d be the youngest among his same graders at school. In Japan, academic year starts in April.


  5. What a treat to see the taping of the show! Rick sure is a very funny guy!

  6. Thanks for visiting. I've been reading your posts since you've been posting again. Yes, I moved to Virginia. I moved to be closer to my children and Ella. I'm a Florida native, and the decision was a bit difficult, but as I get older, I want to be nearer the kids since I don't have any family in Florida any more.

  7. That sounds like a show I would like to watch. How much fun it must have been for you to watch it live – a real treat I’m sure.

  8. Looks like a fun day! I have never been to anything like that. Friends of mine have been to things like X-Factor...

  9. Looks like a fun day and it's fun to see yourselves...even if it's the back of your heads.
    I sure would like to watch it too.

  10. That's very cool. I remember being there years ago.. about twenty years ago.. at the 50th anniversary of CBC, I believe. We saw a faux taping of Air Farce.. and they boys lined up to meet dear, now-departed Mr. Dressup who was such a sweetie. I have a photo of the boys and him.

  11. Hilary: I saw Air Farce twice, taped at the same CBC studio. Back in 1998 or 99 I think.


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