Friday, 12 June 2015

Off on an Adventure!

I'm heading to the airport on a Grand Adventure.... and I'll be posting pictures when I get back.

I don't intend my luggage to be lost.... I'll spot this suitcase on the carousel immediately! (unless anyone else is crazy enough to travel with bright orange luggage.)

I'll be in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and United Kingdom. Fingers crossed for nice weather. A few showers are OK, but I prefer sunshine.

Edited: I'm back from my world travels. 
The bright orange suitcase stood up well through being heaved in and out of planes, trains, buses, cars, elevators, escalators, and up and down stairs. 
The handle is still attached, as are the wheels.


  1. Woow, How wonderful!!!Have a good trip!

  2. Have a great time, you deserve it. Hope the weather holds out for you. Also hope you don't dazzle too many people with the orange luggage! Incidentally, there is no word in the English language that rhymes with orange (just thought I would mention it!)

  3. Bon voyage. Take lots of photo and stay safe..xx

  4. I really like your new suitcase. I’ve been only to Germany and Austria and look forward to your souvenir talk and photos especially regarding Slovenia and Czech Republic. Hope the weather be on your side. Have a nice trip!


  5. No showers here and plenty of sunshine too.

  6. I'm all for bright luggage to aid travelling! Hope everything is wonderful. You are going to some lovely places. Bon Voyage!
    Maggie x

  7. Oh, my sounds like a WONDERFUL trip! Can't wait to see all you pictures, my dear.....Bon Voyage and Travel Safe!

  8. Have a terrific holiday. Looking forward to memories of your travels.

  9. I hope you're still in the midst of grand travel adventures! But I wanted to stop by today and wish you Happy Canada Day!

  10. Wow! This trip sounds great! Have a nice travel and a lovely time!
    I am looking forward to see many pictures!
    Lots of hugs!


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