Tuesday, 6 February 2018

HIPster Update

I know everyone out there in the blog world is anxiously waiting for an update of how my shiny new right hip is doing.... and the news is good.

A visit to the hospital this morning for a couple of x-rays and a follow-up visit with the surgeon.
I've had a giant waterproof bandaid on my leg since the surgery, with "Remove on Feb 6" written in big black letters, my own "Best Before Date". So it was carefully removed revealing a perfectly neat 4.5 inch incision held together with about 25 staples. Definitely a thing of beauty!
I was so impressed.

The staples were popped out (you can see them in the x-rays), some steristrips installed over the scar, and I was given some spare steristrips in case they fall off during the next few days, which no doubt they will. One was off by the time I got home from the hospital.

And that's it for today..... more x-rays and an appointment in 6 weeks.  Still a bit sore, and I'm still using the walking stick for balance rather than support, but I'll soon be able to get around without it.

And the best part..... I'm OK to drive my car again!
All this in 15 days since total hip replacement surgery..... amazing.
Thank you to my surgeon, he did a great job.


  1. This is so good to hear! And you were indeed fortunate to have a superior surgeon! I'm very happy for you and wish you the best as you begin walking all by yourself once again. Amazing recovery!

  2. Amazing indeed. That surgery has come a long way! So have you,

  3. That is good news!

    In regards to your comment on today's post, yes, Mr. Pinay is Aboriginal, as he is Cree.

  4. Wow the x-rays really show what a work of art the surgery is, and to be driving so soon is even more incredible! I bet going through airport security won't be fun though!

  5. It is wonderful to hear that your surgery was great success.
    So thankful for the modern medical technology and so glad you begin walking by yourself!!!
    My sister will have the same kind of surgery on march. I have to tell to my sister about you.It will be encouraging for her.
    Have a good day and enjoy!

  6. I am glad that everything is so good and you can even drive a car. I did not have any x-rays yet. It will only be February 27. I go a lot, but I can not get rid of the habit of limping and it stresses me. Regards.

  7. Seriously that really is amazing Shami! I'm guessing you were pretty fit before you went in for the replacement, that would help a lot.. woohoo! Excellent that you will be able to drive so soon, nice one!

  8. Great news, glad everything went perfect for you.

  9. Excellent news, so pleased all is well. :)

  10. Hi again! Re your questions on Ocala: No, it wasn't a pet store, but rather a "Farm and Home" store and kind of a dump but we stop there on occasion as they have good prices on certain items. I think pets have been in the store every times we've been there. Some other stores allow pets, too.

  11. An old hippy with a young hip.

  12. Wow! Glad to hear you're doing OK. Do all the physical therapy they give you, but remember to take it easy sometimes, too. Don't overdo it too soon!

  13. Such great news.
    It's amazing how quickly things heal now with all the new gizmos they use.
    Glad you can drive again...You are quite the Hipster.

  14. Dear Shammy. To answer your question on Ocala re the "oak" tree: I'm not even sure that's a pink ribbon. Sheesh! 😜

  15. You are so right. That is amazing! Glad to hear that you are healing so quickly.

  16. I am so glad to hear this good news and that your surgery was great success!
    So importante to have a great surgeon!

    Just great that you are ok to drive your car again too!

    Lots of hugs!

  17. Hello. It's nice that you remember me. I am glad that you are well and you have no problems with the new hip. Unfortunately, I can not get rid of the habit of limping. Or maybe it's not just a habit, maybe something wrong with my hip. I have a visit to the hospital on the 27th and maybe I will know something. Regards.

  18. Hi Shammie, thanks for dropping by my blog and talking about our Doodles.
    Snicker will be 11 this year too.
    She still thinks she is a puppy and a tiny lap dog...she is neither any longer....
    She does sleep more and her spurts of energy are getting shorter...I think the bounce that's still in her is from the poodle side of the gene pool.
    Hope your hip is mending well.

  19. Hello Shammic,
    Thank you for your kind comment about tsunami victims in Japan.
    Now I visit you to tell about my sister's hip surgery. She finished the surgery March 6 and it was a great success. Now she is staying at the hospital for rehabilitation.
    She is really looking forward walking freely by herself, going around!!
    Before her surgery I told her about your success, which really encouraged her.

    Many thanks!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day.


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