Monday, 13 May 2019

Pie, anyone?

Canada first began issuing postage stamps in 1851 with the 3-pence beaver stamp designed by Sandford Fleming.   Since then, Canada has issued over 3,000 different stamp designs. Each stamp focuses on a piece of Canada's history and pride.

I had to smile when I went to the Post Office to get a book of the latest stamps. I could not wait to get  my teeth into some of these truly typical Canadian desserts, my mouth is watering!
Mmmmm Delicious!!!!

No I didn't have to lick them, they are already gummed. They should be pie-flavoured!
Pictures from Canada Post.


  1. Now they are very different stamps - and provoke smiles. Always a good thin,

  2. I’ve be I’ve never had sugar pie or Saskatoon berries.

  3. I haven't had a few of those dishes, but I would like a butter tart right now.

  4. Absolutely they should be flavoured!I rather fancy a butter tart right now Shammi 😀

  5. Those are good, and a surprise!

  6. Well, yummm
    Now I am hungry for some of those delicious looking slices of pie.
    Love Bill Burke's comment...tasteful stamps....Very interesting stamps
    I have never seen anything like them.


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