Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blooming Lovely

Back in the frozen past of last January, YoungerSon and The Bride moved into their "new" house, a solidly built 4 bedroom brick house of at least 25 years vintage.
The trees and bushes were bare of leaves and the gardens were covered in snow, with no indication of what plants might be lurking under the snowy blanket, waiting for spring.
But as the snow melted, it became apparent that the previous occupants liked to have flowers in their garden. The front beds erupted with red and white tulips and blue iris, and the wiegela shrubs soon produced sprays of pink and white blooms.

And now that summer is well on it's way, all sorts of colourful surprises have appeared. It's quite astonishing to The Bride, who says she knows nothing whatsoever about gardening. But all it needs is a bit of weeding here and there, and water from their new rain barrel. Perfect!


  1. This has been a beautiful surprise!
    My younger daughter ( Melissa`s family )is just now moving to the new, bigger house and she told, that they got also apple trees in their new garden. Nice!

    Greetings to Callum!

  2. Oh lucky them. I love surprises like that!

  3. Wow - what a lucky couple to find lovely flowers blooming in their new house. A gift indeed!

    I'm happy to hear little Callum is doing better. One of my grandsons (he is 2 also) has asthma. Never been admitted to hospital, though. Always sent home after the nebulizer treatments.

    Sending healing thoughts to Callum, so he stays "all better".


  4. gorgeous collage there shammie! i really love the closeups. you could print that and just glue it onto the front of white cardstock and you've crafted yourself a beautiful handmade card. :D

  5. Lovely strawberries. Having some growing in your yard is a wonderful treat. After My Dad died, I traveled north to tend to his lawn - upkeep to make the place more presentable for sale, you know - and found that there were wild strawberries growing in one part of the yard. Wonderful surprise.

  6. What a delightful surprise the flowers must be. Its like they have a whole new house.
    I like the collage you posted to show the beauty.

  7. Hi, thank you for your comments, I love the way you drop by unexpectedly much like my growing up in my home (Newfoundland) ~ and I have to say I absolutely love your photograghs on this post ... now that is inspired!
    You photos of your little grandson in hospital remind me of when my son (now much, much older) was in hospital at two for a few weeks. It is so heart-breaking ... I hope he is home soon.
    Many, best wishes,

  8. Oh, how fun, Sham. She'll learn to be a gardener in no time...with you around...I'm sure. :)

  9. How lucky to have a garden already in place!


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