Friday, 25 June 2010

Fortress Toronto and a Bird Battle

We braved a trip to Fortress Toronto to take in a baseball game yesterday. This weekend the leaders of the G20 nations are meeting downtown, and the whole place has been turned into an impenetrable armed camp. Just being near the G20 security zone without proper ID can get you arrested.

A three-metre-high concrete and metal fence stretches for 3.5 kilometres around the security zone.
Over 5,000 Police and RCMP officers are patrolling city streets with full riot gear at the ready.
Theatres, stores, restaurants and museums are closing for the duration of the lockdown.
The Toronto Blue Jays have moved their next three home games to Philadelphia.
Trains won't be stopping at Union Station, the city's main rail terminal.
And all this is costing me (and the rest of the taxpayers in Canada) more than $1 billion. I hope I can afford it.

I hope you realise I may be risking a lengthy jail sentence by posting these pictures.

We walked from Union Station to the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the SkyDome until Mr Rogers bought it) along the Skywalk.... lots of security evident but an easy walk with Callum in the stroller.
He was pretty excited to get into the stadium.

The Jays were playing St Louis Cardinals... Blue Birds vs. Red Birds. An Avian Assault. A Birdy Battle. Weather was perfect, warm, blue sky, a gentle breeze off the lake. The game was good too... three home runs for the home team, always exciting! We had great seats between third base and home plate.

Callum spotted the Jays Mascot lurking in the back row.

"B.J. Birdie, Hi! B.J.Birdie, hello!" He's waving like crazy, standing on the seat, and amusing all the baseball fans in the vicinity. "B.J. Birdie, come here! Hi, B.J. Birdie!" He wouldn't give up.
Finally B.J. Birdie (who seems to have changed his name to ACE about 9 years ago without me hearing about it) noticed the small boy in the red Tshirt and came over to visit.

OlderSon almost got squashed by the Birdie armpit.

Then in the 5th inning Fred Lewis hit a foul ball from Adam Wainwright straight into BJ Birdie's hand! Birdie (or ACE, whichever you prefer to call him) immediately headed in our direction and, to the delight and cheering of the crowd, presented the ball to Callum, and now I think the two of them are BFF! Callum got his picture flashed up on the giant TV screen.... fame at last!

Oh yes... almost forgot.... Jays win 5-0!

Dontcha love baseball?


  1. What fun for Callum. Yes, I love baseball. Our Tampa Bay Rays are in a bit of a slump, but we believe they'll come back and take the big prize! I was at the game Wednesday night. Five of us Sweet Adelines have a small season ticket package, so we see quite a few games.

  2. Who in their right mind would want to host the G20. A nightmare and one hefty bill.

    A great day out for the young lad. He probably knows more about baseball than I do which wouldn't be hard.

  3. Sounds you all had a great time.
    Callum looks adorable!

  4. How fun was that? Dear Callum got to see a game and meet "Birdie" AKA "ACE" and got a Ball...!
    HOORAY for Callum and you all for taking him...!

  5. Now that's what I call an exciting day all the way around. Harrah for Callum.
    G 20 is so costly...crazy!!

  6. And THAT, my Folks, is what baseball is all about!

    Astrid's brother lives on Vancouver Island and was telling us yesterday via Skype about all the security stuff. What a nightmare, to say nothing of the cost!

  7. Well, now, that's about as cool as it gets at a ballgame! Yay, Callum!

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the photos of downtown Toronto. I was downtown with my son today and still some evidence but not near as what we had seen on TV. It looks like that you had a great time at the game especially your grandson ... I am so glad he is feeling better. Kids belong at baseball games not in hospitals!!!
    Best Wishes,

  9. As you may know,on our continent we are more soccer interested right now! Nice to see that the US soccer team defended itself very well!

  10. What a treat to be on the big screen with!

    I am so glad the G8 - G20 summits are over. I was so nervous that something really, REALLY awful might happen here. The mayhem and destruction that did occur was enough!

  11. I am pleased your enjoyed your game and Callum received the ball. I am not a baseball watcher, or watcher of any ball sport for that matter – I do watch Le Tour de France though.

  12. The look of the city does remind me of a fortress due to those fences. Btw, it's nice to be back in the blogging world!

  13. How cool for Callum and family. You're gutsy to venture into the city at that time!


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