Saturday, 18 September 2010

Garage Sale

We had a "Man Stuff Garage Sale" today, getting the garage and workshop cleared out of old tools, automotive stuff, camping equipment, electrical wiring, nuts, bolts, nails, you name it, we had it for sale!

Isaac was our official greeter. As soon as a potential customer arrived, he beamed at them from his stroller and said "HI!"

When they left he said "BYE!" and waved.

At times there were so many people coming and going, he got his "HI"s and his "BYE"s all mixed up.

Most people who shop at garage sales are pretty honest, but one person slipped us some Chinese money with a handful of coins. Oh well. It'll come in handy if I ever go on a trip to China I suppose.

And there's always the guy who wants something for nothing.

YoungerSon was helping a man with some drill bits and electrical parts. The guy was giving YoungerSon a lot of bad attitude, arguing the price down, and rolling his eyes in a very nasty manner at every price suggestion. They finally came to a sort of grumpy agreement, and YoungerSon even carried the guy's purchases to his car.

Then the guy turned to YoungerSon and said "Hey, can I take a p*ss in your back yard?"


It takes all sorts to make a world.


  1. What are people like?? They all want something for nothing nowadays!!! Glad it went well though!

  2. Brilliant! Perhaps, you should have haggled over a price for his pee!

  3. HOnestly! What is the matter with people? I agree with Spencer - you should have charged him to pee. I had a moving sale and had a few old exercise DVD's still in the wrappers (I had just had a baby. This guy haggled me, made a HUGE fuss until I finally just sold them to him to get rid of him. AFter money exchanged hands he said, 'I'm going to get 50 bucks for these on eBay. Ha!' Whatever, dude!

  4. I had someone steal vintage linen from me at my last yard sale. It wasn't worth a lot, but it just shows how petty people can be.
    At the end of the day I had about 20 collector plates left, a woman told me they were not worth more than $1.00 each. I didn't want them (I'd paid about $30-$35 originally)so I said okay, but I took all the paperwork and boxes so she couldn't resell them for more. She still took them, but was not happy!
    As for the guy who wanted a free pee, your son should have told him to p*** off!

  5. "Hey, can I take a p*ss in your back yard?"

    I'd have said "Sure. Take the one the dog left a few minutes ago."

  6. Dennis admits to having done that once, but it was an emergency and it wasn't in your yard.

  7. youngerson could have charged $500 for that service. Though it sounds like the guy would have created more than $500 worth of damage with his toxic p*ss.

    on another note...maybe my Chinatown would take your chinese money!? btw, we're on the other side of town from the golden gate bridge, but we just a hop skip and jump from the double decker Bay Bridge.

  8. He didn't even ask if he could use your actual bathroom? Yikes!

    As for the Chinese money, maybe you got something better than what you were expecting. I doubt this is the case, but you could check prices on Chinese coins and see if perhaps you were inadvertently given something valuable to a collector?

  9. Lord Help Us! LOL! As you said---it takes all kinds.
    It is amazing that someone would give you Chinese Coins--I mean, most things are already a Bargain at a Garage sale....Hello???!!!

    Well, it sounds like it went well, anyway....! I LOVE Isaac being the "greeter"....Really Sweet.

  10. Maybe you can throw the coins for I Ching!! (or is it paper money?)

    That's a huge step, selling your house! I have a friend who lives in Minnesota year-round in their winterized lake cottage. They sold their other place in AZ. She says when it gets too cold, they go cruising!

  11. Good Grief, some people are just plain rude or words to that effect. I like how you call the sale a Man sale. I'll bet you sold everything. Hard work but so worth it. Love that the grandson was the greeter. That was the clincher!

  12. Eww gross! On the other hand, tx for visiting. I have borrowed a Ticker countdown from your blog ;>)

  13. Thanks for looking in at my blog. Glad your sale went OK. I do hope your man there wasn't serious! But maybe he was

  14. i love having yard sales. one rule...once out the doog it does not come back....goes to charity. i love the haggling and the comments about my stuff....and i probably would have told the guy with drill bit issue to go screw something.

  15. I hope Younger Son can laugh about it now. It's like one comedian suggested: stupid people should have to wear a sign. That way the rest of us would have fair warning of what to expect.

  16. Wow ... you have to love garage sales (not so much).
    Thank you for stopping by ... you made me laugh, there are times that I fly off into space and never quite get where I am going either. You are very kind with your comments but I do have to find a way to do this faster.
    I hope all is well!
    Best wishes,

  17. How rude of them to give you fake money? I love garage sales but I'm a minimalist so I don't buy much.

    Am totally enthralled with "100 Thing Challenge" by David Bruno. He even has a website. Just google him.


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