Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Flash Mob Frenzy

Remember that Flash Mob we did at the Strawberry Festival back in July?
Well, there's no stopping the crazy Flash Mobbers now.
We were invited to dance at Richmond Green at an outdoor movie night last week. We got started OK, but about half a minute into the dance, the music failed. But we're troupers, and of course, the show must go on, so that's exactly what we did.
Here's the video... a bit wobbly at first, but persevere with it.
I'm at the back on the right, white pants, black top, white glove!

Ooops, I can't upload the video, here's the link!

And a couple of weeks ago, we did the same Flash Mob in the Centre Court at Hillcrest Mall. Here's the video, again, it won't let me upload.

If you're anywhere near Markham Theatre on Saturday afternoon, it'll be happening again, be there at about 2:30pm.


  1. Markham Theatre is a little too far away - but I will be there in spirit!

    I love these flash mobs!

  2. woot! there's even a TURTLE there!!

  3. Surely only a matter of time until spotted by a talent scout, and then the trappings of fame and fortune. Hope you will still speak to us humble bloggers!!!
    Seriously though - Well done.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun....! And you all are so good...! BRAVA!

  5. I'm sooo sooo impressed that you all stayed in step when the music died!!! You guys are amazing! and i'm a tad jealous about participating in flash mobs, i'd soo be there with you if we were neighbors!

  6. That's a bomb! Awesome! I always admire those people who participate in such wonderful event.

  7. Great stuff! Do you just sort of 'spring' that on unsuspecting Mall browsers, or, is it an advertised event?

  8. What a fun lady you are. Well done!

  9. It looks so fun, but it's a bit too long for a Sunday visit;-)

  10. A bit far away, even if it's a big event! I beleive I will have to satisfy myself with a new video! :-)

  11. I love it, Sham! You have the energy and stamina of kids half your age!

  12. I love the Flash Mob. you were real troopers when the music failed. Wish we were closer to see it in person.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

    Love yours! The video is great.

    I'm southwest of Toronto in Woodstock and, as you can tell from my blog, just recently back from 2 weeks in Newfoundland.

    Will become a follower!

  14. You mobster you! Fun stuff, Shammie. And I love the new look of your blog. :)

  15. This all sounds like such fun!!!
    Yes, Newfoundland was wonderful ... but it was such a quick trip. I didn't get to the Rooms like I wanted but we did get around to quite a few places and fit in a meal of "fish and chips" at "bye da beach" in St. Phillips. The weather was amazing - of course which is rare. My sister lives in a 150 year old home on Freshwater Road, so staying there and seeing her is also a special thing.
    Best wishes,


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