Saturday, 9 October 2010

Forest Trail

I've been given the very important job of puppysitting for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Tessa is three years old now, but she's convinced that she's still a puppy. It was a perfect blue sky morning so I took Tessa for a walk er, I mean top speed doggy romp, frolic, gallop, run ten times further than anyone else, through York Regional Forest to tire her out. She's less trouble that way!

The colours are glorious with the sun lighting up the leaves. One more wind and rainstorm and they'll all be gone.
A couple of weeks ago EG Wow posted a picture of this strange tipi made of sticks in the middle of the forest. It seems to have more sticks now.... maybe passers by add a stick to it and make a wish to the forest fairies?

I tried to pose Tessa in front of it and asked her to smile nicely for the camera but she wouldn't cooperate.

There were lots of walkers with their dogs, horses and riders, and even a mountain biker taking advantage of the lovely October weather. And lots of people leaving the trails and carrying large buckets. I wondered what they were doing....

.... and then I met a group of Italians who proudly showed me their harvest, courtesy of Mother Nature.
They'll be eating well tonight!


  1. What a thoroughly interesting walk you had. Love the branch-constructed teepee and the buckets of shrooms!

  2. What a lovely tree. Here our colors are still quite green. To take a picture of dead leaves for my post I had to walk through all my yards and pick some one by one and there were not that many.
    Tessa the dog looks so sweet. I’d love to join the Italians to eat the mushrooms – they could make a feast with that many.

  3. I hope they know what they pivked---Many Mushrooms are poisenous,,,,
    Tessa is adorable! And the leabes are very very BEAUTIFUL.....!

    Moving Cacti is a Daunting process....(I will speak of it as I continue the posts about The Chris Brownlie Hospice Cactus Garden....) It is very time consuming, but...Worth It!

  4. Thank you for your visit my site and commenting!
    I have been a little more tired this autumn especially after taking care children, it takes more time to recover after those happily busy days with Melli and Mikael. But they are doing well, growing fast and Melli`s speaking is so delicious to hear, she uses words brilliantly but sometimes she uses adult`s words in funny connections.
    I hope Callum and his little cousin are doing well too and of course all the best for you Fenella!

  5. I think Autumn colours are the best ever! And those mushrooms look pretty good as well!

  6. I just read your earlier posts and about the sold house.
    I can not quite even imagine, how it feels after over 30 years - we have same in the future.
    Also our garage, every cupboards and sideboards and outside storages are full of useless things for now.
    I have been speaking last twenty years that next summer I will organize them away . . .but, very big BUT - everything is still there.
    You and parents of parents of your grandchildren are so lucky you are living near, it is heartbreaking to see Melli`s face, when I am leaving and she is saying, not quite yet and come again soon, but it takes many weeks before I can go again.

    I wish you will find soon just the place, what is what you want and near children !

  7. Sorry - one parents word too much in my comment earlier:)

  8. What a beautiful tree! Love autumn colours!

    Tessa looks adorable!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. That looks like such a pleasant walk. Your granddoggy is such a cutie.

    Thanks for your ocncern for Ella. I hope the prednisone did the trick. I'm leaving this weekend to drive up to Virginia for a couple of weeks to see the Bella. I'm looking for some autumn leaves when I go. It's one of the added pleasures of being able to go during this season.

  10. Thanks for stopping by to visit...your fall colours are so lovely and it sends me back to days of my youth, walking through Wilket Creek Park in Toronto! Tessa looks like a Doodle of some she? I have a black Labradoodle...cheers...

  11. That's a LOT of 'srooms, Sham. I sure hope they're all good and not poisonous! Good eating'for someone. I love this time of the year, don't yoiu?! Happy Thanksgiving, even if a day or two late.

  12. I have seen many people harvesting mushrooms in the forest. I DO hope they know what they are doing! :)

    Love the shot of Tessa! I bet she is great company.

  13. I would love to know more about the Teepee. there must be a good story in there somewhere.
    Tessa has really grown. Our Granddogger is pregnant. She is a breeder dog and when she has had several litters the dog will be the kids completely. Snickerdoodle is due to deliver any day now. They think there are 8 or 9 in there.
    Beautiful trees in that shot. I just love all the bright fall colors.

  14. hi - just stumbled on your blog -
    first of all, I want to be walking on that trail in the forest, and adding sticks to the teepee to make my wish to the forest fairies, or maybe riding my horse in the forest, and also the pup is gorgeous - a golden-doodle perhaps? what a wonderful mushroom haul! hmm, did I ever get to second of all??

  15. Looks like an Eeyore house, built by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet to keep the old grey donkey warm at half past three on a snowy morning! Do love those fall colours - ours are just getting going here - and what a wonderful mushroom harvest!

  16. Fran says some red berries for some shrooms. What a lovely walk and the colors are fantastic.
    I don’t mean to pour water on the tepee story but hope it is not meant to be a bonfire, looks a lot like the type of construction method we used decades ago, albeit in an open area. Hopefully it is just bush art.

  17. Gorgeous photos - loved that tree and of course - the dog!!!

  18. We are sitting a dog this week, he belongs to my sister. He is not as active as your charge however, being 14 years old and with a heart condition. That looks like a lovely spot for a walk, with or without the dog.
    That is quite a crop of mushrooms, but I would afraid to eat them.
    Have a great weekend..

  19. Oh the joys of a doggie, who thinks its still a puppy!!

    I wish I was brave enough to pick mushrooms in the forest, but I am always afraid I will eat the poisonous ones!!


  20. Wow, those are good-looking mushrooms! Speaking of good-looking, Tessa is adorable!

  21. what lovely light
    and the 'shrooms look delicious!

  22. I would be afraid to eat mushrooms I personally had picked since I know nothing about which ones are poisonous....the one and only time I picked a mushroom in the woods, it actually burned me so I am very very careful of them!!! the colors look fabulous by you!

  23. Hilarious, I can just imagine adding some roller skates and away you go lol!!!

  24. BEAUTIFUL Pictures, my dear. The Leaves of that tree are STUNNING! And Tessa looks adorable and sweet! Do you sleep better for "romping" with

    I guess one has to know which Mushrooms are edible and which aren't...That Forest certainly is abundant with them....

  25. I love the idea of foraging for wild mushrooms but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable about eating them.

    The Italians seem to have a large haul over there.

  26. looks like you had a beautiful and adventurous walk/romp with Tessa through the woods. Such gorgeous scenery! Thanks so much for the lovely card! I got it earlier this week. You're so very thoughtful. I hope that one day you'll be able to visit!

  27. beautiful fall colors and the buckets filled with mushroms - mmmm.
    We did not pick mushroms this fall, even though it was said it was more than usual in the woods. We had too many in the freezer from last year. Mostly chanterels.

    have a great week


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