Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's Pumpkin Time

Isaac took his Mummy and Daddy and Nana on a trip to the local pumpkin patch."I want this one..... no, this one..... or maybe this one..... I just can't decide! Too many to choose from."

" Let's go home and carve a scary face. Daddy, will you help me?"

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone out there in Blogland!


  1. That's one adorable little pumpkin!

  2. I hope they will have plenty of joy this evening, both of your grandsons!
    Yes, i suddenly got enough and decided stop Aminus3 pages. I took photos to Flickr and made slideshow if I will miss those photos.
    But I have been now participating in new sites - of course - even I feel it takes too much time :)

    and sometimes I publish also in this address:

    Everything good to you and yours, Fenella!

  3. Hoping Isaac had fun last night. It was very cold here, and very quiet. Did you get that snow in the morning?

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  5. Pumpkins are so easy to grow, and they grow so big, there must be some way to feed loads of hungry people with pumpkin. Just a thought I've had lately.

  6. You went to the pumpkin patch. We went to Kroger! :) But the pumpkin patch sure makes it worthwhile at this age!


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