Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mom2Mom Sale

It's not a new idea.... recycling baby clothes and equipment once they are no longer needed by growing babies. But recycling on a huge scale at a Mom2Mom Show is a new idea to me.
The Bride and I spent 3 busy evenings in my basement sorting baby clothes into sizes, boy/girl, styles, makes, and bagging, labelling and pricing.
Just a small portion of the clothes we had for sale.
It was all carefully sorted into bins, loaded into YoungerSon's van and taken to the local Fairgrounds. We unloaded and setup at our rented table on Friday evening, ready to join 200 other vendors in two big buildings for the sale on Saturday morning.
The best way to buy baby equipment.... half price or less!
Now they'll have loads more room in their house for even more!
I made some baby quilts to display at the show, but didn't make any sales, unfortunately, although there was a lot of interest. Shoppers were concentrating on the lower priced items, and not on hand made goods. But I'm thinking of opening an Etsy Store and selling through the internet. Has anyone had experience of this? Advice, anyone?

 The doors opened at 9:00a.m.,and suddenly there was an influx of people, lots of pregnant tummies, daddies pushing strollers while the mummies shopped, crying children, tired grandmas.

It was a fun morning. The sale was over at 1:00p.m. We came home with just 1-1/2 bins of unsold small items, which have been returned to my basement ready for the Yard Sale that will happen in the summer. I don't know what the final amount was, but it will go towards new car seats for the twins.


  1. What a great idea. Nothing like that when my children were small.
    Your quilts are lovely, etsy is probably a good idea. Sorry I have no firsthand knowledge to offer there. Good luck with it though!

  2. Sales like this are such a great way to recycle...And it helps you--the person getting rid of the stuff---and it helps those buying....!
    I haven't done Etsy, but I know quite a few peoplw who do...I think they all seem to find it a great way to sell their Hand Created Art--and your Quilts certainly fall into that category...I think that's a great idea!

    This word Verifcation is so damn hard....2nd time coming up!

  3. Great initiative! Well done!

  4. Sounds and looks like a fun day.. and so beneficial for everyone. Your quilts are so colourful. You'll do great, I'm sure.

    And I agree with Lady of the Hills (who doesn't appear to be Old.. much less Old Old). This new word verification is a deterrent/irritant for commenting

  5. What a great idea, Sham. So many of those early-age clothes look brand new because the kids grow out of them so quickly! I remember that Amy had so many 1-2 yr-old dresses that some of them she never even wore. What a waste!

    I would think SOME place would be perfect for selling your baby quilts. Do figure it out because you do such a great job!

  6. It's a great way to recycle and so beneficial for parents. Your quilts look amazing - I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling them.

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