Friday, 30 March 2012

The Hills Are Alive.....

Yep, last night I went to my very first Sing-Along Sound of Music!
 It was in a local church basement.
Sorry, no pictures, I forgot to take my camera.
Everything had a Sound of Music theme, from the travel posters of Saltzburg on the walls to the jugs of pink lemonade and the pinecones on the tables.
Remember the pinecone reference?
Dinner consisted of Weinerschnitzel and sauerkraut and baked potatoes, and lots of different salads, and of course, dessert had to be Black Forest Cake and Apple Strudel.
Most participants were dressed as characters from the movie, and we voted on the best costume. The winner was "Maria" complete with straw hat, pinafore and guitar case.
And there was a quiz... who said what.
Who said "Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals, but not for children and definitely not for me."
And who said "I'm sixteen years old and I don't need a governess."
And who said "The Von Trapp children don't play. They march."
Can you remember? Answers on a postcard please (oops sorry, that's a British joke).

Update: I've posted the answers in the Comments section.


  1. I am embarrassed to admit, I have never seen this film. My grand daughter (11) loves it and has watched it many times. she could probably answer your questions.
    Sounds like a tasty menu, I do love a nice Apple strudel!

  2. Ahhhh, the first and only London West End musical I ever managed to take my mother to, was "The Sound of Music" - thank you for making me think of that - she absolutely LOVED that evening (smile). Umm, I am useless at names, but I do believe the answers are:-

    1. Maria

    2. The eldest Von Trapp daughter, and

    3. The Baron, himself.

    ..But I could be, and am most likely wrong? What a beautiful idea for a themed evening, it sounds a riot!

  3. A Sound Of Music sing-along!! That'd be soo much fun! I'm sure there must be sing alongs here, but a friend of mine went to one regularly in San Jose.

    I wasn't 100% sure about my answers to the quiz, but when I saw Shrinky's answers, it seems like I got same answers as she did, couldn't remember the oldest daughter's name though.

    Safe travels and adventures Shammie!

  4. Sounds like a lot of silly fun!

    Captain von Trapp: "Oh, there's nothing wrong with the children. Only the governess."

  5. I loved that movie when I was a kid.

    Doe, a deer, a female deer...

    Yes, as you surmised over at my place, I now have many songs in my head that will not leave.

  6. What a great evening. I can't remember how many times I've seen the Sound of Music - one of my favourites. I just love apple strudel.

  7. What a fun idea to have a "SOUND OF MUSIC" Night that includes dressing up and an authentic dinner, too....!

    When I was in High School, "ThE Trspp Family Singers" gave a concert for the students in our school...It was the "real" family--Maria and the children...! It was quite a few years later that the Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein Musical appeared on Broadway...and many years later that the film was made.
    I got to see the real family perform, and it was unforgetable!

  8. I got everything but the pine cone reference.

    One of my fondest memories is seeing the movie in the theater when it was first released. I went with my mother and grandmother. Sat between them. I did not understand the war or the references to it, but I did understand the emotions and the beauty of the music. I wept often. Music has always done that to me. My grandmother kept handing me a clean handkerchief.

  9. OK, time for the answers:
    the three quotes from the movie:
    1. Maria
    2. Liesl, the eldest von Trapp daughter
    3. Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper.
    And the pinecone reference?
    When Maria first meets the von Trapp children and sits down to dinner, the children leave a pinecone on her chair.

  10. Sounds like you all had a great time. That movie was one of my favourites.
    I also loved Julie Andrews. I can't recall the answers to those questions now, though Shrinkie's answers look about right to me - Dave

  11. Oh, do I ever love that movie! One of my best memories of all time (1965) since I never was able to watch movies till I went to college!!! "Mary Poppins" the year before made me a true believer. :)


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