Sunday, 27 May 2012

Birthday Boy

Combine a sunny Saturday, a back yard, some cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents, good food, a jug of sangria, a barbecue and a Big Birthday Boy, and what do you get?
A Back Yard Party, that's what!    

YoungerSon and the Bride invited the family to celebrate Isaac's third birthday.

What kind of birthday cake would you like, Isaac? With no hesitation he said   A BLUE CAR!

So that's what Auntie J made for him, with a green one thrown in for good measure. Mmmm... Oreo cookie wheels. And candy tail lights. But the icing didn't like the heat.... we should have left it in the fridge....  and suffered a partial meltdown, but it tasted good anyway.

Isaac had no complaints.

He blew all three candles out with some timely help from his cousin Callum. There's something very enticing about blowing candles out, no matter whose birthday it is.  
Isaac pronounced the cake "very yummy".

Callum was in complete agreement.
After all, these boys are experienced cakeologists.... they know a good birthday cake when they taste one.
The cake soon disappeared, leaving a couple of cute faces smeared with blue icing.

Then they started on the chocolate chip cookies.

Good cake work, Auntie J!

The twins weren't allowed to eat any birthday cake this time, but only a couple of months to go and they will be celebrating their own birthdays. Now that they've had a taste of Back Yard Partying, I bet they can't wait for their turn to come.
And what do you think they would like for their birthdays? I'll give you three guesses. That's right.... Hair!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all, and so nice to see your family having fun together. Hope the blue icing didn't hype them up too much....that's the adults I mean not the

  2. Oh, that looks like so much fun! How the cakes look don't matter to the little ones. When Sarah turned four, she had a Spiderman cake. I ordered it from the bakery at our Publix, and when I went to pick it up, it looked like a four-year-old had decorated it. I was devastated. She thought it was fine.
    The twins are adorable! I haven't read all your posts about your trip to England yet, but I will!

  3. Happy birthday Issac! Absolutely adorable! He's got such a crafty little smile getting ready to eat his slice of cake.

  4. So ADORABLE!! I had been watching your yardstick at the top and kept thinking...Isaac is almost 3 years old...! So, I LOVE that you shared his celebration with us...!
    Those cakes are fantastic and so are all your four Grandkids...!

    Why do they make those word verifications so damn hard to read...! I wasn't sure if that was a 5 or an "S"!

  5. Oh how delightful. Love family celebrations.
    Blue Cake works for me too.
    The kids are so cute. You are a very lucky Grandma.
    You asked how old Snicker is. She is almost 5 also. I was really shocked when I figured that out. Time goes too fast...even for granddoggers.
    And, yes Snicker is still very, very bouncy and excitable too.
    You know she makes me expend a lot of energy just to keep up with her.

  6. I LOVE how you share these important milestones in the life of a granny, Sham. And I love your sense of humor! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. What a great looking party and such gorgeous, happy grandchildren - you must be very proud of them. Happy Birthday Isaac your cake looks really yummy.

  8. Love the garden party photos, esp. the first pic. It looks sooo relaxing.

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac.

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Chocolate cake! I'd love a big blue car myself right about now, with a tall glass of milk to wash it down!

  10. How lovely, I wish my family all lived closer so we too could have more 'back yard parties'.

  11. Absolutely adorable. They're growing so quickly.. except for the twins' hair, that is. ;) My ex always used to say that he should start a business of toupees for babies. Our own two were baldies also. :)

  12. Two of my own babies were as bald as eggs for the first year and a bit of their lives. I love bald babies.

    The garden party sure looks like it was fun!


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