Tuesday, 8 May 2012

England Part V - Dining Out

Ah yes.... British cuisine. Believe me, there's nothing quite like it.
Some people say that British food is bland and tasteless. They know nothing! Nothing, I say!
YoungerSon's best friend used to say the favourite British dinner was fried lard pie with lard sauce. Well.... OK, maybe.

Just take a look at these delicacies. A feast for the eyes, and for the tummy too.

A full English at the Bed and Breakfast.
A full English breakfast will set you up with energy to last the whole day. Or maybe two days. Just look at the variety of taste treats on that plate.... British bacon, fried eggs, sausage, tomato, potato slice, toast, and is that a mushroom I see hiding behind the baked beans? And plenty of marmalade on the toast, or do you prefer Marmite?

Pub food.... just the thing after an energetic hike

Coronation Chicken toasted sandwich. Add some crisps (translated to potato chips if you live in N America) and some salad and you have a lunch fit for a Queen.

Warm scones and jam and cream, and a cuppa

Need an afternoon snack? May I suggest stopping at the fancy tea rooms for an English Cream Tea, which includes home made strawberry jam and fresh cream, and don't forget lots of butter for the scones. And plenty of tea to wash it down.

My mouth is watering just looking in the bakery window

Feeling a bit peckish when you're out shopping? No problem. Sausage rolls, Chicken curry pasties, Chicken Ham and Leek pasties, Wiltshire pasties.... what a variety. I believe they can't be called Cornish pasties unless they are actually made in Cornwall.

99? Oh yes!

And when you've munched on your pasty, whatever kind it was, how about indulging in a 99? Soft ice cream in a cornet (that's a cone to N Americans) and a Cadbury's Flaky stuffed down the middle. Nothing could be better!

Lunch time at the market square

Suffolk ham, British eggs, chips and peas.... and the little container on the side is Brown Sauce. mmmmmm...

Just like my mum used to make.
And to finish it all off.... a slice of Victoria Sponge and another cup of tea.

I think I definitely have to go on a diet.

For more about my trip to England, scroll down to the previous posts.


  1. LOVE this Food Festival, my dear....It certainly looks as if you all never wanted for something to eat....lol! And Tea on top of everything else...My, My, My, and Yum, Yum, Yum....!

  2. OMG...what's not to like?? i could eat this all the time.

  3. Despite the opinion of many, I love this type of food. A Full English (which, due to my ethnic background, I prefer to call a Full Irish, but...) is one of my favorite weekend treats on those days when my games are rained out and I needn't worry about carrying around a belly full of yummy.

  4. I love all your photographs of English food and your walk along the coast path on the North Devon coast.
    We visited this area when the children were small so haven't done this stretch on the SW Coast path, the views look amazing.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog and introducing me to yours.

  5. Cannot beat a good old fashioned hot English breakfast! It's always a 'special treat' for us when we travel - sees us through the day! (plus a juice and and a piece of fruit each which we flog from the bistro table lol!)

  6. Hi,
    I have enjoyed these posts so much, especially the food - my family often comments on how I like my food a bit bland! But this is what I grew up on with a Britsh father and Newfoundland mother. Oh all the pictures are so wonderful!
    Thank you,
    Very best wishes,

  7. Ha Ha Shammickite, all that food looks great! - Dave

  8. You would certainly work up an appetite all the miles you walked. I just love a slice of Victoria sponge with jam and cream - must get baking!

  9. I think I could get very fat eating in England. But I'd be happy. :))

  10. Awesome food photos. Love the baked beans for breakfast and tea & scones for . . . well, tea. :)

  11. Oh, YUMMMM!!! It all looks so delicious!

  12. Delicious! I need to go to England.

  13. We had that full English breakfast twice, Sham, while we were in England last week. And of course, the scones! You're right. Nothing like English eats. I love it all.


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