Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Auntie J gave baby Emma a sweet little yellow summer dress.
When I looked at it, I thought "that's an easy pattern. Hmmm... I wonder if....."
Out came the tissue paper, pen, scissors. and pins. I had some leftover fabric from one of my baby quilts. Pink, of course.
I found advice on the internet on how to sew a neck placket. Never tried to sew one before.
My new sewing machine sews buttonholes all by itself. Whoopee!
And I had a button with a sparkle in the middle. Perfect!

YAY for me! I did it!
Canada's next Top Model.
So we had a fashion show.


Anns Art said...

That's so clever of you - I can't sew for toffee! What a sweet little model.

The Next Chapter said...

Oh well done - that looks so good and what a beautiful model.

Hilary said...

Good for you. Your model is a little doll!

Mark said...

She's workin' that dress!
p.s. I gotta tell ya that she's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern of the fabric! I made my own daughters similar dresses 50+ years ago - and my sister and I had worn similar dresses 20 years earlier. Good for you!
Cop Car
P.S. Not to belabor the point, but your model is totally adorable.

*Sheila* said...

What a clever Nan you are, and what a sweet grand daughter. She is growing so quickly. I used to make dresses for my daughter, but haven't sewn anything worthwhile for years.♥

Barb said...

You are a wizard, and Emma is a show stopper - those lips! I like your jelly beans - wish I had a handful!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Adorable! You can dso anything with those talented fingers of yours!

Leena said...

Warm greetings from just now sunny Joensuu!
But Emma could not despite shining sun manage by this lovely dress outside, it`s too chilly anyway here :)

photowannabe said...

Wow, I am so impressed. Sewing wan't something I liked to do nor did I do it very well. Love little Emma in the pink too.
To answer your question about Breakaway. It took a week and many,many manhours to construct the outside set plus a stage set and a mini stage set for the little kids' rallies.
This week there is both a morning session and an evening one. Different kids but many of the same volunteers helping.
Next week there is just a morning session and then the 2nd week in July we have Breakaway games and the following week Extreme Breakaway. Games is very active with coaches there for the kids plus lots of fun activities like Legos and Yo Yo lessons.
Extreme is off campus with real lessons like Boxing and other crazy things. By the time its all over 4500 kids will have had the time of their lives and there are over 2000 volunteers giving their time and energy to the kids.
I love serving the 4&5 year olds their snacks every day. We have about 300 of them.
It is an organizational marvel.

I agree with you on that gun door handle, but I guess if you are a big Country Music star you can spend your money any way you want. Besides this was in a museum.
Thanks for your comments.
Now I am off to day #5 of Breakaway.

madretz said...

Oh Shammie! That's so cute! And to be able to your own pattern, that takes skill! She's adorable!

Vagabonde said...

What a pretty dress, and the sweet model shows the dress so well. I used to sew my daughters’ dresses as well as mine – but I have not used my machine in a long time, nowadays I usually use it to stitch the hem of my tee-shirts – I cut their lengths. I have 3 grandsons now, so, unless my daughter tries for a 4th child and it is a girl, no more making dresses for me. I do knit and crochet though. I also like to do needlework and cross-stitch but with my blogging taking my time, these hobbies have been put on the side.

stardust said...

You're so talented! What a lovely dress! Look forward to seeing her catwalk in future.

Thank you for the comment. That temple is not close to my home but two hours away.


Dave said...

Well done Shammmickite - Dave

Wendy said...

You are sooooo creative! I would never attempt to sew something unless I had a pattern. And half the time it doesn't fit. LOL! Yours actually fit dear little Emma and she looks wonderful!

Shammickite said...

Wendy.... I was surprised that it fit too!

Ginnie said...

Awwww. Now aren't you the best g'ma ever!