Sunday, 23 September 2012

High Fliers

What goes up must eventually come down.......
.... and Daddy's there to catch them.

Just noticed.... this is post number 600!


  1. These are some of my favorite photos ever! Everything is perfection,the happy twins and both of their poses in flight, dad's outstretched arms and that sky, wow, that sky!!
    and hurray for #600!!

  2. Wow Shammickite, these pictures scare me. I don't like to see a young child thrown like that. A fall could cause permanent brain damage - Dave

  3. So adorable, my dear!
    And CONGRATS on 600 Posts!

    BTW: I posted the pictures of ENDEVOR...!

  4. Don't worry Dave, Daddy would never let his babies fall!

  5. I was never allowed to do that while my wife was watching...

    Congrats on post 600!

  6. Delightful. It shows the ultimate trust. Love it.
    Congratulations on 600 posts. Its been a great journey through our lives.
    Just FYI...the photos of New York City were from a few years ago. Wish I was there but we don't work for the company that used to have work there anymore.

  7. Those are two truly GREAT photos. Congratulations on the milestone posting!

  8. Congratulations on your 600th post! Love these photos, the littlies always find it squealing good fun to be thrown in the air don't they.

  9. Hello you Fenella and your lovely family!
    They really seem to enjoy this game with dad and you got so sharp photos like they could have been waiting a moment for your click :)
    So important moments in the family life.
    Also our smallest grandchildren Melli and Mikael are now in a kindergarten and I am not needed there so much any more. They are growing so fast. We will have a family meeting after two weeks, I am waiting for it greatly.
    All is well here and I wish same to you and yours!
    Colourful Sunday Fenella!


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