Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tulip Time

Spring flowers are so beautiful and they don't last long enough. As there are no tulips planted in my garden (will have to remedy that for next spring!), I bought myself a bunch and thought that I could make them last a little longer by painting their portrait.

Step 1..... outlining how I want to fill up the canvas, and it isn't always obvious to me what I really want to do. 
I tend to let things happen and splash paint around without a goal in mind.... not really the best way to plan a masterpiece. 

Step 2.... decide on a colour scheme and start mixing the paints. I never know whether to start on the background first or the subject matter. 
I think I did a bit of both in this picture.

But it needs more work, but what? 
So I hung it on the wall and looked at it for 3 weeks until I was fed up with it.

Step 3..... finally decided to have another go and added more detail and bolder colours.
I'm still not happy with it, but I'm not sure what it needs.
I think I need to simplify more... it's too busy.

It might look better in a frame.

Watch this space, there may be changes.

To all the artists out there.....any suggestions?


  1. Brilliant, Shammickite, it really is very good :)
    I like that you changed the angle of the table, now taking the viewer into the picture more And adding the detail there.
    I like your colour tones too, lovely shades.
    Sometimes I photo in black and white, that tells me a lot, as I look for a Balance of Light, Mid and Dark tones.
    At the end of the day You need to be happy with the painting.....but honestly you have a great style. Looking forward to seeing lots more paintings :)

  2. Well....I Like Them ALL!!!! Each one has something the others don't have, but each one of these looks GREAT, to me!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!! This is beautiful, you are so super talented!

  4. Not that I can give you any rhyme or reason, but I do like the table and fallen petal in #3 and the background in #2 the best. But what YOU like the most is what it needs to be. And the fact that you're painting says it all. BRAVA!

  5. I don't paint pictures, but I do paint toy soldiers, which may or may not be relevant!

    My rule is to paint from the "inside outwards", so this might translate into a "back to front" approach, ie painting things that are furthest away first? It always feels a bit odd to see backgrounds that have been painted around something that is in the foreground, although it actually works quite nicely here!

    Please ignore me if I am talking crap!

  6. It looks pretty wonderful to my eye.. not that it's the eye of an artist but I do know what I like and I especially like the third one. You'll know what it is that you want to change when it hits you. Quite possibly in a dream. ;)

  7. Nice work! Now you can continue to remember them.


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