Sunday, 9 June 2013


Isaac celebrated three fourth birthdays this year. Yes.... THREE!

The first 4th birthday was celebrated at his Montessori Pre-school classroom a week early. He was the V.I.P. for the morning and got to sit on the Birthday Chair while all the other children sat on the floor and sang to him and were allowed to ask him questions such as "What is your favourite animal?" (giraffe) "What is your favourite car?" (taxi).

And the fancy birthday cake is cardboard.... it gets recycled for every birthday!

Unfortunately the teachers lighter had run out of fuel and he had to pretend to blow the candles out. But he didn't mind!

The second 4th birthday was celebrated at the weekend with a family BBQ in the back yard. This time the cake was real, and so were the candles.

There's nothing better than a chocolate cake covered with multicoloured Smarties.

It was a nice sunny day and the paddling pool and the garden hose got a lot of use.

The third 4th birthday was on his actual birthday, when they finished up the remnants of the birthday cake and Isey and I went to watch his mummy play baseball. All excitement is over for another year. Happy Birthday Isaac.


  1. That Chocolate Cake looks DEEEELICOUS!!! YUM YUM! And I couldn't agree with you more on the kind of cake one MUST have at a Birthday.
    Three Celebrations....How truly wonderful!!!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Isaac! How fast they grow up!

  3. Congratulations to Isaac. With all of those celebrations, I think he takes the cake.

  4. Hm, wonder if I can get away with having three 50th birthdays...

  5. Man alive! Did he really just celebrate #4????

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  7. That's the way to celebrate!

    Keep the parties going as long as you can.

    Love the chocolate/Smartee cake.

    Your Grandkids are so cute Shammie.

  8. Three celebrations! The kid is that lucky at age four, he should start going to Las Vegas when he's five!

    Happy Birthday, Isaac!

  9. Congratulations to Isaac!You are happy grand mother to have him.He is a sweet boy!

    Hope lighter on his cake can be lit next celebration!

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Awww happy birthday, little guy. I can't believe he's already four!


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