Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pipe Dream

YoungerSon has recently been building furniture using black iron pipe and plumbing fittings and recycled wood.

So far he has built a curtain rail, a coffee table and a bench, and they really look good... sort of "Industrial Domestic".

I saw this bedside lamp at a street fair in a nearby town. All made of plumbing fittings. It had been made by a local welder for his teenage son's bedroom. He was also building a bed and some bedroom furniture along the same lines.

I really liked the lamp so I'll show YoungerSon and perhaps he might like to try his hand at building his version of the same design.

Would you have a lamp like this in your house?


  1. That is pretty Amazing!! But, in all honesty, I would NOT have that lamp in my house. It's all personal taste---And I'm just not a PIPE!

    My THIRD try with the crazy words!!!

  2. The 'recycle' part of me says 'yes'. The 'truth teller' side of me says 'no'. Sorry. Love the lawn furniture made of white pipes though. Does that count?

  3. Not for me I'm afraid, a bit too 'Steam Punk' for my taste. If you are still interested in meeting up in Port Perry, send me an email, and we can set something up..!♥

  4. This is quite creative. I would not have in inside the house but my husband who loves recycling would have it on his work bench!

  5. Not inside.. nope.. and probably not even outside but I do appreciate the creativity.

    I'm struggling with your word verification also. Would you consider turning it off to facilitate leaving comments? Purty please? :)

  6. I can picture Astrid having great fun with building something like this, Sham. I'm sure she'd come up with her own design to make it perfect for a spot in our apartment. HA!


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