Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Camera Never Lies.....

.... or does it?
Last year my lovely family gave me a new Canon point-and-shoot camera for my birthday. A bit more complicated than my previous ancient Nikon. There's a printed user guide with the camera to describe basic functions... turning it on and off, using the flash etc, but anything more complicated was on the accompanying disk.
I wish they wouldn't do that!

So I decided it was time to investigate what this little camera is capable of.... and I had a lot of fun pressing buttons and finding out.

Top picture is a bright orange gerbera daisy that flourishes in a flowerpot on my back deck.
I discovered that I can change the colour to whatever I fancy by some simple actions.... blue, yellow, pink.... all the same flower!

So the camera does lie, after all! Or is it magic???


  1. Great fun! Does it work on faces?

  2. That looks like great entertainment! I like that they are including these types of options in new cameras.

  3. HAHAHA! I love it, Sham. Actually, I've just bought a new Canon point-n-shoot which I'll pick up in Atlanta come October. Out of curiosity, which one did your family give you??? My bazooka lens is really aggravating all my wrong nerves, so I have to do something different for traveling. I'll be eager, like you, to see how it works! Congratulations.

  4. LOL...Well,it's not the Camera that lies, it's the person taking the picture, if you choose to change the color...! I can see how that might be fun, though I am a purist, at heart.

  5. I figure that a camera always lies in the sense that it never depicts exactly what you saw although it can come close sometimes. For example, I would be surprised if the colour of the original is exactly the same as the real thing.

  6. How exciting it is! It always needs a lot of time to learn a new one. But you did!

  7. you have photoshop in your camera!

  8. My camera has so many do-hickies on it that I never (don't know how to use) use.
    I think the directions are so complicated to read and figure out. I seem to loose patience before I accomplish anything.
    All that being said...good for you. Love the changing color flower.
    Keep on experimenting. It's fun.

  9. This is really interesting! I should get me one of these fancy cameras.

  10. Fun stuff, Shammie. Of course the camera lies.. that's what makes photography an art. ;)

  11. definitely magic. Gotta get me one of those camera's. LOL


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