Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Christmas Remembered

December was a hectic month totally taken up with shopping and baking and Variety Show rehearsals and trying to stay warm during diabolical bad weather, and so I didn't post much about Christmas. In fact, I'm always relieved when the Holiday Season is over and life can get back to a normal routine. But Christmas memories remain.

The skating rink (in summer it is a reflecting pool) in Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall. The rink was closed.... big notices saying telling the public "Skate at your own risk" due to chunks of ice falling from the overhead arches.

 Some of the amazing Christmas decorations at Brookfield Place. Mind boggling!

And more Christmas sparkle looking up into the ceiling of the Chrystal Cathedral of Commerce inside Brookfield Place.

The wonderful "Lights of December" Holiday Concert by Singing Out, Toronto's LGBTQ Community Chorus at the Jane Mallett Theatre. Great holiday music with a quirky touch, loved it! So much fun to see friends up there on the stage, singing their hearts out.

And the Ice Storm! This beautiful corkscrew hazel tree in YoungerSon's back yard normally stands 35 feet high, but here the top branches are touching the ground due to the weight of the ice. Amazingly, now that the ice has melted, the tree has bounced almost upright again! Thank you, Mother Nature! We thought that tree was a gonner.


  1. Apparently, these is a shortage of road salt in our area because so much went to Toronto.

  2. Amazing that the tree sprang back up! Trees are truly amazing things. I am currently keeping my eye on a bunch that have been blown down in the winds to see if they die or survive. I hope they survive, they do really interesting things when they regrow from a horizontal position.

  3. What a gorgeous Christmas's pictures!
    Love so much seeing your YoungerSon's back yard. Sounds very cold.
    Stay warm my dear friend.

  4. Wonderful, colourful photos, Shammie. And I'm glad your son's tree survived its ordeal.

    I had to look up what the Q meant in LGBTQ. "Questioning" was a new one to me.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! all of them...but the Chrystal Cathedral is spectacular. ok, so is that chandelier at brookfield place.

    PS: I'd love to go to Toronto! But Jimmy has an opportunity to go to Montreal. Not sure if he'll have the time to take it though. He's teaching a class at Berkeley this semester and that will interfere with travel plans. One day, i'll get to Toronto! But you have to come to SF! I know you've got some other bloggy friends nearby who want to meet you, too.


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