Monday, 9 June 2014

Daily Delivery in Ireland

A pinta milk and a pinta Guinness....

Postcard received from Maria in County Cork in Ireland via Postcrossing.
This card took 5 days to get here, travelling 5,152km, and is my 122nd Postcrossing card.


  1. What a brilliant postcard to get. Love it :-)

  2. Underestimates the Guinness consumption!

  3. Fabulous Postcard. What a great thing this has been and continues to be, my dear....!

  4. Now that's what I call a "Special Delivery".

    Snicker is a Labradoodle and did have a summer cut. Her fur grows out so fast. I agree they almost look like Greyhounds when they are shaved.

    We had some errands today so we had her out in our fenced in patio. We had the fan roaring and lots of water. Gone for 2 hours. You would have thought we had been gone for a year...such greetings. She was warm and is now happily sitting on my feet under the table I am typing this on. Its an interesting and sometimes exhausting thing taking care of a dog that isn't our very own.

  5. MY WIFE does PostCrossing. She enjoys it a lot. Maybe you'll end up crossing each other?


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