Friday, 6 June 2014

Pool Man Saves Squirrel

Saw this video on line.... thought it was worth watching. If you have a pool, and you see a squirrel in difficulties, now you will immediately know what to do.


  1. That is just Amazing.....! He looked like just a little guy---a Baby, really....I LOVE this story....Thanks my dear!

  2. Hi, Shammickite,
    Such a cute squirrel!I like it. But,,,sad,,I do not understand what they are speaking about!Verrry quick English for me!!!I hope you will remember I am a Japanese woman.
    Let's enjoy the weekend...with smile!

  3. Good morning and thanks!!Shammic.
    But it is fun.
    Rainy season has come but it is a beautiful day today here.
    Have a happy day!


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