Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sears Free Gift!

A couple of weeks ago, I needed new passport photos, and I knew the local SEARS had a photographic studio, so off I went.

Sears girl: Yes, of course we take passport photos. Please fill out this form with your name, phone number and email.

So I filled out my name and number, but I don't want them cluttering up my inbox with sales rubbish, so no email.

Sears girl, with an encouraging smile: Oh.... If you fill out your email, you'll get a Free Gift worth $45.00!

Me: Thanks, but I don't want a Free Gift.

Sears girl: Well, I'm going to give you a Free Gift anyway for being a good customer!

So after the photography session, (BTW the result didn't look anything like me, they must have swapped the photo with some sad old wrinkly with a saggy face and a baggy neck) the smiling Sears girl presented me with my Free Gift - a coupon for a set of Free 8x10 portraits, no sitting fee etc etc..... how generous......

.... Expiry date 31 December 2012. er....Thanks, Sears! Only almost 2 years out of date!


  1. There is always a "hook" to get you to keep coming back.....

    I know that wrinkly face you are talking about----I looked in the mirror today and someone else was looking back at me---some stranger who was not only wrinkled, but fat, too! Maybe we are both hallucinating!Do you suppose that comes with age?? (lol)

  2. Funny how we see different things in a photo. I used to hate pics of myself, but these days I am a bit more "Hey! Not bad for your age!"

  3. I literally laughed out loud :D


  4. Hi,Shammickite,

    You made me laugh!

    I had been quiet for a long time.
    Have a good time.

  5. No one on planet earth has had a passport photo taken that resembles anything other than a deranged terrorist or someone who has been sleeping under a bridge for weeks.

  6. The gift was obviously the coupon. For which you should be extremely gratefuk. :)

    (I mistyped 'grateful' but it seems to fit, so I'll leave it.)

  7. We just got our passports back after renewing them. Talk about looking like "Wanted " posters...ugh!
    Good old Sears...used to be good way back in the Dark Ages when I worked there. Now....haven't been there in years.
    Thanks for your concern. We live over 2 hours away from the Napa area and the huge earthquake. Didn't feel a thing. Its sad all the destruction to the historical old town section. California just seems to be falling apart right now.

  8. Hmmmm. You were smart to say not thanks!

  9. Truly laugh out loud. I totally understand your reticence. I will not give any sort of information to a cashier that could lead to my being contacted. I'm polite, but adamant. They look at me as though I've refused to suck venom from their snakebites.

  10. Hello! Do you have any plan to travel abroad? My passport expired four year ago. I don’t like to use professional passport photo service, instead I’d like to photograph myself with my digital camera.


  11. Snort.. as long as you can pay for your free session with a cheque of the same date. ;)

    And AnvilCloud's comment/type made me laugh out loud.


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