Sunday, 14 September 2014

Junque by any other name

On my way back from the cottage in the summer, I drove by a fascinating brick Victorian house on a street corner in a quiet country village, and I just had to turn round and investigate.
It wasn't the house that caught my eye, it was this!

This was the outside, right on the street. I think it used to be the back yard.

And this was the inside.

There was hardly room to move between the stacks and stacks of assorted "antiques". I wonder how long it took to amass this huge collection of "stuff"?  I spent a happy half hour, or perhaps it was more, just wandering round. I resisted temptation and didn't buy anything, but I really need to go back and have another look!
This is a scheduled post while I'm away for a few days. Leave me a comment, I'll be back soon.


  1. I see that junk has been elevated to junque. I like it.

  2. There might be some real "treasures" there---but, not easy to find. Overwhelming amount of 'stuff'!!! I hope you do go back, my dear/

  3. I like wandering through junque shops, as long as the junk stays there and not in my home. I like treasures, but the clutter would close in on my so fast. Plus, being in earthquake country...disaster.

  4. Wow,so many junks!!(sorry) but I know real treasures can be found in such places. Especially it is a fun place for antique fans. I have been a fan of Victorian and Japanese antiques aw well.

    Have a good new week.

  5. I love places like that.. there's often a hidden treasure. It what Frank's older son referred to as a child as "a beautiful mess."

    And the post title is great.


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