Sunday, 7 September 2014

Too Much Lego?

The Lego Army..... and this is just a small part of it!

There's never a problem deciding what to get Callum for his birthday! 


  1. My boys were the same. That's one toy I could not bear to get rid of as they grew. My older son was glad to know that I kept huge Rubbermaid tubs of the stuff. He can store it though. ;)

  2. With three boys, our house was FULL of Legos. We're in the process of moving now and have tubs and tubs of them. Even now, it's hard to part with them. Such fun times were had!

  3. There can never be too much Lego!

    Everything is awesome!

  4. Great picture!
    When my son was a boy, he used to love Lego so much!

  5. I loved it when my daughter was little because it was so easy to buy her gifts. She LOVED LEGO!


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