Sunday, 16 November 2014

Back to the Rock

A few more views of the coastal communities of Newfoundland. And of course, Newfoundland is a rocky island surrounded by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, so there's a lot of rugged coastline to photograph.

The landing stage at the community of Bauline, just to the north of St Johns. It was a sunny day, but really windy, with the sun sparkling on the choppy waves.

Bringing the fishing boat on shore for the night, away from the dangers of the waves.

Ferryland on the Southern Shore. There's been an archeological dig going on here for over twenty summers, uncovering one of the first attempts to build a settlement in Newfoundland. George Calvert, better known as Lord Baltimore, landed here in 1621 and founded the Colony of Avalon, close to rich fishing grounds. But Lady Baltimore wasn't happy.... it was cold, life in the colony was hard, and the Baltimore's moved south to found another colony in Maryland, which grew into the city of.... yes, you guessed it...  Baltimore.

Some of the foundations of the harbour and the walls of the houses and the cobblestone streets built in the 17th Century as the Colony of Avalon. When I first visited Ferryland in 1996, most of the site consisted of private houses and gardens which have now been purchased and removed, and the actual excavations are revealing a large settlement. An Interpretation Centre has been built where you can view all the finds... fascinating stuff!

Look closely and you'll see tiny white dots on this island. Sheep! The flock is ferried to the island in the spring and spends the summer grazing on the grasses, before being brought back to the mainland in the fall. No fences, no predators. And sheep hate swimming!

A perfect day by the ocean. No wonder I love visiting Newfoundland when I see views like this.


  1. Fabulous images that really speak of Newfoundland's ruggedness. For how long did you visit the rock?

  2. Hilary, I was only there 10 days this time, but it's probably my 15th visit!!!!

  3. Wow.. you do love it there. :)

  4. Wonderful photos and some nice background too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just great photos! Your 15th visit!! Really looks a wonderful place! Wow!

  6. Impressive pics once again. I can totally see why you've visited so many times!

  7. Imagine how hard life was in Newf in C17.

  8. Thanks for showing us the fabulous sights of Newfoundland. The nearest I will ever get to see it!
    In places it reminds me of Scotland.
    Fascinating the way the sheep can survive without getting blown off the cliffs!
    Maggie x

  9. I was going to comment about how it reminded me of the Western Isles where my brother lives but I see Maggie May (presumably a Scouser like me) beat me to it. Lovely views.


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