Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Flatrock - Newfoundland

It was the first day of the recreational groundfish fishery, which is a limited length of time when the public can fish for their own use, with a daily bag limit of five groundfish per day (including cod) and a maximum boat limit of 15 fish when three or more people are fishing. 
Inshore commercial cod fishery is still under a moratorium, to increase the cod stocks after years of overfishing.

It was a rare sunny day,  so we took a trip to the community of Flatrock, just north of St Johns. Flatrock is a pretty little village, with yes, you guessed it.... a lot of flat rocks, although the rock in this picture doesn't look very flat! You can read Flatrock's colourful history here

This gentleman was planning to go out and catch a few fish for supper, so he spent about 20 minutes preparing his boat and getting his fishing lines ready.

 Not a view of his best side... but he probably won't read this, but just in case he does.... I'm sorry!

Off he goes, out into the harbour. I wished him good luck. Nothing like fresh fish straight out of the ocean for a tasty supper.

More pictures of Newfoundland to come.


  1. That rock is pretty flat - it is just not LEVEL! :-)

  2. Another beautiful area of this beautiful country side---That is quite a rock! And all the pretty boats....There really IS nothing like a fish caught that day! I had fresh fish in Hawaii every day----it was Scrumptious!!!

  3. Nothing beats the taste of truly fresh fish!

  4. Fresh fish is in a class of it's own. Delicious!
    I'm enjoying your photos of your trip.
    It's an amazing world with amazing scenery.

  5. Keep sharing! I'm loving "our" trip! :)

  6. The community of Flatrock looks beautiful!
    The rock is really amazing.
    I will follow the link. Thanks!
    Many hugs. :)


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