Friday, 5 December 2014

Shibagau Shard

Shibagau Shard is a single 27 ton boulder of pre-cambrian granite. It sits outside the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Shibagau Shard was created by Canadian sculptor Bill Vazan in 1989. Petroglyphs and drawn pictographs of the early First Nations people of Ontario have been inscribed using sandblasting. Stunning with a sprinkle of snow on it.


  1. What a great entrance statement to the Art Gallery :-)

  2. I'm always drawn to native arts! This one looks perfect in that setting with those evergreens in the background.

  3. Lovely collaboration of ancient and modern! I’m interested in the inscribed geometric patterns and the sea turtle. I wonder what meanings the ancient people contained in those symbolic patterns.


  4. I very much like the looks of this artsy boulder!

  5. Rather nice! Reminds me of the fallen trees we had after the '87 hurricane that were carved into works of art. Most have now rotted away, sadly. This rock has a much longer life expectancy!

  6. Shibagau Shard looks an impressive pre-cambrian granite!
    The Canadian sculptor Bill Vazan looks very talented!


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