Saturday, 24 January 2015

Oh Canada!

Everyone knows that Canada's favourite game is ice hockey, and Miss Universe Canada (Chanel Beckenleher) seems to agree!

She has been competing at the Miss Universe Pageant in Florida, and represented her home country, Canada, in this completely whacko stunning "National Costume".

And what a costume! A crown representing the Stanley Cup, hockey stick wings, a maple leaf corset, thigh-high boots laced up with hockey laces, a Marie Antoinette style dress representing goalposts and a net, and even a working electronic scoreboard.

Well, if she's brave enough to wear this outfit, she deserves to score win!


  1. Wow!! Is that big scoreboard hooked onto her head? She's even wearing the shoulder pads. Wonder who designed this? They are very creative.

  2. I'm thinking Chanel Beckenleher must be a hoot to know!

  3. Never seen anything quite like that before!!!!!!
    Maggie x

  4. The Stanley Cup crown.... that must be her hat trick.

    She's either freaking creative or she's pucking nuts. Probably a bit of both.

  5. Hilary's comment is too funny -- hat trick. I think there were crazy costumes from elsewhere too, but this may have taken the cake.

  6. Hilary's comment is so Punny!

    Oh my that is quite a costume...she has lots of guts to wear it but it certainly says a lot about the pastime of Canada.

    Great post Shammie.

  7. I love your country. You have a sense of humor that's marvelous.

  8. The scoreboard was part of the costume too?! We went from slapshot to slapstick and back again.

  9. I wonder what Jimmy and his hockey mates would say if she showed up to their weekly game in that costume? I'm sure they would approve!


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