Saturday, 25 April 2015


I lost my blogging ambition for a couple of weeks, lots of reasons. Did you miss me? Hmmm... I thought not.
Reason One: the weather has been so cold. We even had SNOW on the ground two days ago. I thought this was spring! I know I don't have to write my blog outside, but somehow the really un-springlike weather completely brought me to a standstill.
Reason Two: I was sewing, and once I get the sewing machine warmed up I have to finish. I made a pretty summer dress for my only granddaughter, the beauteous Emma, and made a funky Tshirt for me, made from 4 recycled Tshirts from the Sally Ann Thrift Shop. Oh this is such a bad picture.

Reason Three: Some surgery. Parathyroidectomy. Sounds very impressive, doesn't it. Just one night in hospital, lots of TLC from the nurses on the 11th floor and the hospital food was surprisingly edible. Home the next day, feeling great now. I was in Toronto for a follow-up appointment at the hospital so I took my camera along.

Toronto City Hall. Designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell and built in 1965. Home of Toronto City Council..... and former home of notorious Toronto ex-Mayor Rob Ford... remember him?

The Countdown Clock for the Pan Am Games to be held in Toronto July 10 -26 2015.

The CN Tower was completed in 1976 becoming the World's tallest tower... but lost that title in 2010. It's now the 3rd tallest. The light on top of the weather beacon on the Canada Life building glows red for rain, green for fine and white for snow, and the lights on the actual pylon scroll up or down according to the forecast temperature. Clever.

The Red Rocket ... one of Toronto's many streetcars, 248 of them in fact. 

Outside the law courts.... the lion and the lamb. Every Individual is Equal Before and Under the Law and has the Right to the Equal Protection and Equal Benefit of the Law without Discrimination.


  1. Surgery is never fun but I'm very happy to hear that you're home and feeling great. Your dress is amazing, I love it! Such a cute pattern! Love the scenes from the streets of Toronto. I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since I've been there.

  2. Of course we miss you! We tore through Toronto on the 401 and regret not stopping for a look-see at the city. Of course, the CN Tower beckons from miles away. Very impressive.

  3. You were missed, I thought you had gone off on some adventure!
    What with painting and sewing you certainly keep busy. I do hope you feel well after your visit to the hospital.

  4. I had noticed, without wanting to sound stalkerish, lol.

    Sorry you had to endure the hospital procedure, hope all is well now for you.

    Great sewing skills, mine are non exsistent, think it great when others can make things.

    Thanks for the tour of your city, that tower must look really good when it is lit up.

  5. I had quite a blogging hiatus awhile ago. I thought I might never come back, but here I am. You seem to have recovered well, and it's nice to see TO photos. It's been a long while for me -- maybe 12-13 years.

  6. Yes! I DID miss you! I checked your blog every day on my rounds. I was beginning to wonder how you are. So I am glad to see you back. And very glad the surgery went so well. The shirt is so cute! And I love the clock. I hope they don't take it down after the games. I love the Red Rocket! And they way it is designed! I had no idea Toronto has streetcars. I have many good memories of them from riding them in my childhood.

  7. So sorry you have been through surgery and a stay in the Hospital----I did miss you and though I am not commenting as often, I always enjoy your posts, my dear, and your very kind and caring words to me.......
    I LOVED seeing the pictures of Toronto----it's been so very many years since I was there---1969.....Such a Beautiful city and The City Hall buildings are really stunning---with or without your former mayor! Take good care, my dear, and I hope you are doing really well now.....!

  8. Glad you got over the surgery. Of course I missed you and wondered about you.
    Lovely photos of Toronto.
    Maggie x

  9. Yes! I did miss you too!
    I am so sorry you had surgery and I am glad you are now well.
    Love always your pictures and words.
    Lots of hugs.

  10. At least your nurses seemed to care. Over here the health service is being mangled to death and none of the staff seem to give a damn any more.

    Nice pics of the town. The t-shirt is not very flattering in that pic, sorry.

  11. Sorry you had to spend surgery time in Toronto but at least you were clever enough to take your camera!

  12. Glad your hospital stay was short, and all is well. Toronto changes constantly, I was last there in the Fall. It holds no attraction for hubby as he worked there for over 35 years, so when I visit it is usually with my daughter. We still have to meet in Port Perry!


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