Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers - updated

Embedded image permalinkFirst game of the 2015 baseball playoffs.... anyone need a doctor's note?

hehehe love this, so funny!

Uhoh Game 1 - Texas 5 Toronto 3, not a good start to the series.

Oh dear Game 2 - Texas 6, Toronto 4, went to the 14th inning, but not giving up yet, 3 more games to go.

That's better Game 3 - Texas 1 Toronto 5. Keep it up, Jays!

A great result Game 4 - Texas 4 Toronto 8. My fingers are crossed for the final deciding game.

49K watch Game 5 - Texas 3 Toronto 6. Now on to the next round.


  1. Sadly, our Nats have pretty much just disintegrated.

  2. Hey, at least they are STILL playing games. My Sox... not so much.

  3. Fingers crossed for some WINS!!!! Very cute Doctors!


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