Saturday, 10 October 2015

Market Day

There's a market here every weekend. Years ago it was a well known livestock auction with area farmers bringing cattle and horses and sheep for sale in the auction ring. There were covered stockyards behind the main building that would house calves and lambs and pigs waiting for their date with the auctioneer. Locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables and flowers were sold from outdoor stalls.

But things have changed. The auction ring was demolished many years ago. No farm animals to be seen now, apart from a few unlucky chickens and ducks destined for the dinner table. The fruit and veg are probably not locally grown.... especially the bananas and oranges. There were always a few tables selling assorted "junque" but now it's the main focus. The Farmer's Market has become a Flea Market.

Want a new pair of green flip-flops? Or perhaps some outdated nail polish or makeup? Slightly used (but well broken in) workboots? It's all here.

Or perhaps a hat? Lots of colours and logos to choose from. Camo can be very stylish.

No idea what this chap was selling but he was very friendly, chatting to everyone who went by.

There has to be something on one of these tables that you've been looking for! Is that a Grecian Urn? 
What's a Grecian Urn, you ask..... well, about 5 drachmas an hour.  (Sorry, very old joke)

Sunday dinner.

This man makes fretwork art with a bandsaw (or is it a fretsaw?). He made me a perfect wooden "J" and it only cost me $1.00. Why did I want a "J"?  It was a missing letter on a child's alphabet puzzle.

To buy or not to buy, genuine Crocs or wannabe Crocs, that is the question.


  1. We have a small but nice market and nota flea market. Today was the last day of the season.

  2. We have farmers markets AND flea markets. Fortunately at the moment they are kept separate.

  3. Just love taking a look at other people's junk. I always end up draggin' something home. Elenka rolls her eyes.

  4. There is something for everyone in the market.

  5. You never know Shammickite, you just might find that elusive treasure one day.. but I'm thinking don't hold your breath :) I think the place you're thinking about is called "The Muse' behind the WA Museum,very cool place to have lunch, does that sound familiar?

  6. So what's a drachma worth these days? I think I've seen crocs here in Lake Superior, but no one has been attacked that I know of.

  7. The great thing about Flea Markets is there is something for everyone....! Or not! But lots of fun to look at and maybe there just might be a 'treasure' there.....! I guess that is the hope, isn't it----but it does happen.

  8. In spite of myself, I love flea markets and we have a very big one every weekend which gets very crowded between now and next May as the "Snowbirds" begin to arrive. Most of the stuff is junk and I don't need anything but it's fun to see what's out there and look at all the funny people!

  9. Hello,Shammic!
    There seem to be many things I want to get in that market!! It is interesting to see those fretwork arts. Only $1.00? In my country, we often have flea markets temple'garden.
    Have a good new week!

  10. I like flea Markets. They are fun. Those chickens there must be a treat for I am sure they are homegrown and free of hormones and other bad stuff. It reminds of Brazil where they have open market every Saturday and a smaller one on Wednesdays. Did you bought many things?


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