Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January so far....

2016 already? Weren't we in the throes of frantic preparation for the horrors of Y2K just a couple of years ago? Or do I say that every year? Hmmm... Must be getting old.

So far January has been pretty good. Mild weather up till just after Christmas then the temperature plunged. We welcomed the New Year in Mayoral style.... see previous post. Today it's been snowing, but the sun is managing to break through.

Ice hockey practice has started again for grandies Isaac and Callum. My only girl grandie Emma started dance lessons! She looks so sweet in her pink tights. Grandie Max is happy to watch from the sidelines at the moment, but the time will come when he will want to be in an organised activity too. They are all growing up. As they should.

My Art Group has started up again after the Christmas break. We meet to paint, draw, create, and chat every Thursday in a nearby Community Hall. Next week we have a guest artist giving a workshop in watercolour paints, which I have never used, so I'll post whatever I create, good or bad.... stay tuned!

I've been baking bread. First was this:

Ooops, looks like a creature from Outer Space. Must have put the dough balls too close together! Then this:

Mmmm... nothing like fresh bread for breakfast with some home made raspberry jam.

I went to a Zentangle demo put on by the Epilepsy Association. Apparently Zentangle (which is concentrated structured doodling) is very useful to relax epilepsy patients if they feel an attack is imminent.

Drawing Zentangles can also alleviate pain, grief, stress, good for Alzheimers patients too.... and it's fun! Here's my result.

Great for wasting time.... but being creative is never time wasted, is it!


  1. Home made bread and jam, how yummy.
    I will have to just enjoy your pictures as I'm supposed to be losing weight.
    The zentangle looks like fun. Colouring for adults seem to be popular at the moment.
    I shall live forward to seeing your watercolour..xx

  2. Fresh bread, such a comfort food for winter. It looks delicious. Great job!

  3. Those conjoined loaves look kind of sensuous as well as delicious.

  4. Jono is right about the bread.
    Is there anything which smells better than baking bread? Bliss.
    Love your zentangles. You colour between the lines really, really well. Unlike some of us.

  5. Ahhh, Freshly baked bread, I'm sure I could smell it from here. My mouth is watering.

    Love your Zentangle :-)

  6. Wish i was close enough for your Tuesday art group!!!

    Your breads love quite yummy--Love how it makes the house smell when baking :)

  7. It's fun making your own bread. I've been doing it for years, I just can't stomach supermarket bread or that 'orrible sliced bread everybody else thinks is wonderful. Yeuk!

  8. Ummmm, homemade bread fresh from the oven...yum!
    Makes me hungry just looking at it and the fragrance...sigh!
    Love the Zentangles too. I love to doodle. It is a good stress reliever.

  9. Sue has been colouring. Apparently it is also good for you too. Same principle, I guess.

  10. That bread doth look yummy...reminds me of how my grandmother in northern Minnesota baked bread almost every day.

    I've never heard of Zentangles or the drawing of same, but I'm intrigued. Anything that can alleviate pain, grief and stress can't be bad. Now, if I could only remember where I put those pencils and pens! :)

  11. Nothing whets my appetite like the smell of freshly baked bread.
    With your art, baking and jam making, you are one very creative lady.
    (I just managed to correct this comment before posting it, I had written barking instead of baking!)

  12. Happy New Year! Your breads look yummy. I like the aroma which fills the house when bread-baking is almost done. My daughter bakes breads for breakfast every other day, and her 2-year-old shouts “Smells yummy!” every time. Zentangle is first to me. Your work, the mosaic of some repetitive patterns, is so nice. Keep up the good work.


  13. Hi,Shammic!
    It must be fun making your own bread!Looks delicious. Nice smell is traveling to me
    !! I like bread very much but I have never baked bread.
    It is first time to see Zentangles. Thank you for sharing. Your creativity in those patterns and colors are wonderful!I agree with you."Being creative is never time wasted".

  14. It is very near lunch time for me and your breads actually made my stomach growl. I am now ready to eat! Thanks!

  15. I can smell your bread. I don't do Zentangles, but I do color! I am beyond glad you re-found me! Your time tickers are amazing.....Callum is 7? How did that happen? The last blog post I remember was when you sold your home and were moving....and of course I remember the Space Cadet and your loss. Glad we are blog buddies again. Steve's MRI came out OK this time.

  16. I don't know how to do Zentangles but it looks like fun. Art is NEVER a waste of time! Just sayin'

  17. Whau your breads looks yummy!!! Love fresh bread with some butter!
    I will have to read more about the zentangle. Great idea!

  18. Just great that your grandchildrens have many activities!
    It is so good that your Art Group has started up and you will meet your friends to paint, draw, create and chat! Very enjoyable!

    Love your bread and the both looks delicious! I can smelt them from Brazil! Lol!

    I've never heard of Zentangles and I went to the site and I think it is very interesting. I like so much your result!

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.


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