Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Trying to be a Patient Patient 2

The fourteen days spent in recovery at the nearby Seniors Retirement Residence was quite an eye opener, renewing my determination NOT to become a permanent resident during my advanced years. But I suppose if I was really in my dotage, I probably wouldn't mind the lifestyle.

The staff were very attentive, bringing me toast and coffee every morning, and assisting me and my trusty walker on the slow roll to the dining room for lunch and dinner every day. I had help in washing my hair and showering... no modesty here!

Clean towels and housekeeping every day, nurses on call 24 hours, they could not do enough for me. And there were all sorts of entertainment and activities available if I had felt like taking part. One evening I shared a table with 3 white-haired nonagenarians and we had a fine time colouring pages from an adult colouring book. It was fun!

Of course, the residents were 80% widows, and only 20% widowers.... be warned, men! You're going to pop your clogs first!

It was a bit like being at a geriatric boarding school.... lots of cliques, and groups of friends who seemed to criticise other groups. I often occupied an empty chair at the dinner table with 3 lovely ladies: Ethel, Mildred and Mary (names have been changed to protect the innocent). The three of them were merciless in criticism of the usual occupant of my dinner seat, who was visiting her son. Then one day the missing lady showed up, and I have to admit, I agreed with them!
Oh no, I'm turning into one of them!


  1. This is a riot! I've got all kinds of mental pictures of you in that "retirement" residence, some of which I wish I could forget! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Seriously, it does sound like they took good care of you and the people seem pretty much identical to people on the outside! Love the cartoon, too!

  2. How lovely that you received such good care. And no, not on my wish list either.
    Love the cartoon.

  3. I hear some residents are just dying to get out of there.
    Sorry, my bad.

  4. Lol. It was good you had such a positive experience and survived the girls.

    I hope to avoid a nursing home but...

  5. Ha ha, sounds like it was an interesting experience, but perhaps not one you want to have again!

  6. You have a way of finding fun in every situation. I figured that out about you really quickly when you came to visit. :) You're a hoot, my friend.

  7. I agree with Hilary, you have a way of finding fun in every situation.
    I am very glad you are well!
    The cartoon make me laugh.
    Wishing you a nice weekend. :)

  8. I think you were spot on in your description of the nursing home.
    I worked in one for 5 months while getting my CNA..Certified Nursing Assistant certificate.
    I would come home and bawl after working with some of those dear people.
    Some of the hardest ones to care for were those who were there just to heal.
    They didn't want to be there and some were not happy with their " hotel".
    But some were like you...The best...gracious....and willing to cooperate.
    I think it helps to know that you were going home.
    Love the way you worded your adventure.
    Praying your healing is complete and quick.


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