Monday, 25 July 2016

Trying to be a Patient Patient 3

Recovery from Total Hip Replacement is definitely not going to plan.
My top speed plan, that is.

It is 4 weeks from today that I had the surgery, and I really believed that I'd bounce right back to my normal energetic self by now, but no such luck. Still walking with a 4 wheel walker, and I can't imagine trying to walk with a cane just yet.
I suppose we all recover at different speeds.
However, I'm able to go outside with the walker every morning. I can maneuver myself in and out of bed, and up and down my front steps without crumpling into a sobbing heap. So that's progress.
My main problem is not the hip itself, but lymphedema, a puffy leg, ankle and foot that can be quite painful, but even that gets a little better each day with application of ice packs and resting my foot on a huge pile of pillows, so I'll soon be out there line dancing again!
Won't I?
Grrrrrr all very frustrating......


  1. Line dancing is just around the corner!

    Don't lose heart. Focus on the outcome you want and your progress! Thinking of you...

  2. Have you tried the compression stockings? Lois Anne used those for her lymphedema after cancer surgery and they were a great help. Not much fun, but she'd wear then at night in bed.

    Very frustrating, but you are making progress. Stay the course, my friend. The end is in sight.

  3. Hi..I missed your previous posts as I've been away. Quite something for you to go through, but as you say it's a routine procedure these days - not so for the person recovering though! Do you have to walk a certain number of steps each day and set goals as to how far you walk? Anyway, hope you are recovering better each day.

  4. Not only line dancing, but a bit of table dancing too.
    Yay you.
    And keep those ice-packs up.

  5. A fun graphic at least, so you still have a sense of levity about it all.

  6. Yes, you will! I have had both of my knees replaced and can do most things now except run and kneel. I can walk, bike, and ski and I don't hurt much any more. You'll get there, just keep doing your physical therapy.

  7. I pray you get stronger day by day! It is terrible having to wait but you will get there. Every time I have surgery I can hardly wait to get back to my normal self. I fear hip surgery might be in my future someday. I walk and do a bit of running in my exercises but in the last 2 months I have been feeling discomfort in right hip. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. Hang in there Shammy.
    It certainly must be frustrating for someone as active as you.
    Maybe this is a time to do some more painting.
    Each day gets better...that's encouraging. Patience has never been my claim to fame.

  9. Good morning Shammy,
    I hope you will well very soon!
    Yes, you will dancing again very soon!
    Lots of hugs! :)

  10. Line dancing will be something to look forward to. I liked when I did it for a few years about a decade ago now.


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