Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fun Art

My Art Group likes to try different crazy things. You get stale without innovation. Last month we tried painting on pre-printed fabric and changing it to something totally different. I found a sample of terribly boring upholstery fabric, stapled it to a used rubbish 12"x16" canvas (a painting of tulips that resembled lollipops), slapped some gesso on, and started painting.

Here's the Before Version, horrible isn't it:

And here's the After Version:
Fun to do, but I can guarantee that this masterpiece will never be hung on a wall anywhere!

Last week we tried stamping with leaves and painting with twigs and seedpods. Rather messy and a total waste of paper and paint, but definitely fun. Rather like going back to those happy days spent with Miss Goss in the babies class at Primary School. This is one of the cleanest pages of the sketchbook.

Next week we are trying Tie Dye.... that should be even messier!


  1. I can't wait to see the tie dye! :D

    Actually the leaves work pretty well.

  2. That first example is quite the transformation.

  3. I love the leaves, and am looking forward to the tie-die. Anvilcloud is right about the transformation too. And the change is much more appealing than the original - which people DID publically display.

  4. I like the fact you give creativity a free reign and have tons of fun whether you hang the results of not!

  5. Your fabric art is wonderfully innovative! It is fun to think out of the box.

    Catching up on a few things...
    The Queen was there during corgi-con! At least a cardboard version of her. But she was surrounded by so many fans, I couldn't get close enough to snap a selfie with her.
    As a matter a fact, it DID rain the morning of my red sky!
    As far as our recent election...Do you have any space for me in a little corner of your house for the next 4 years?

  6. I think this looks pretty cool Shammi, very imaginative.. you could have a lot of fun experimenting!

  7. Just beautiful art!
    I love so much the leaves! Very creative!


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