Friday, 4 August 2017

Juried Art Again

A few more of the paintings that were chosen to be shown at the Juried Art Exhibition in the spring. I regret not taking note of the artist's names and the titles of the works. Sorry artists, if you happen to see this post.

This was a small acrylic painting, approximately 9"x12" I think.... brightly painted ice fishing huts on a frozen lake. A lovely feeling of isolation and yet community..... and cold!

I loved the colours of the dramatic skies in these two matched landscapes. And they looked perfect displayed on the red wall. Often the colours surrounding a painting can make such a difference to the appearance and effect of the finished product.

What's going to happen when that bird in the top right corner finally makes a landing?
I'm holding my breath.....

This was my favourite painting in the show, it was large, about 36" x 48".
Memories of the artist's dad's workshop.  I stood and looked at this painting for a long time, visualizing the man who worked here, building things and repairing things. Just like many dads.
I can't remember the artist's name but I remember the title: Portrait of a Good Man


  1. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the works, intriguing indeed. Greetings!

  3. Yes, I can see why you might like that last one.

  4. All fabulous Shammi, my fav has to be the third, very Salvador Dali, so excellent! I have much admiration/envy ☺ for artists!

  5. Oh Shammy, I do like that one too. There is so much character and emotion in it.
    Comment on my post...don't I wish there were some nuggets just lying around.
    that kind of hard rock mining would be deadly and so much work for so little results.
    We certainly loved being tourists with our son and granddaughter., except for the dead battery when we came back to the car....

  6. Oooh. And ahhh.
    I would have loved wandering this show with you. And the final portrait would certainly have triggered a memory or six.

  7. Wonderful creative works. I enjoy seeing them especially the third one. I wonder if the bird will cause the rocks to tumble, hmm. :)

  8. Interesting creative works of art. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Just beautiful and creative paintings!
    I wish I could to be there at the Juried Art Exhibition!

    Many hugs and a nice week.

  10. Wow, you have some very talented artists around you. I love the skies in the landscapes.


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