Monday, 28 August 2017

Pride of Canada

It's colourful, it's noisy and musical, it goes round in circles and it's distinctly Canadian..... it's the Pride of Canada Carousel. 
The Carousel is an environmentally friendly solar-powered fine art merry-go-round enclosed in an open glass pavilion on the newly built "Downtown Markham" area. The urban folk artist who created the magical carousel creatures, Canadian artist Patrick Amiot, has used all kinds of junk, oops, I mean found objects including hub caps, car headlights and old oil tanks.
This particular Remington Group doesn't manufacture guns.... they are a property developer company.
You won't see any standard carousel horses here, apart from this one being ridden by a goofy Mountie. Love his moustache, it's a broom, and the horse's hooves are irons.
You can go sailing on the Bluenose... famous Nova Scotia racing schooner,  with a giant moose next to you.
 How about joining this dog sailing along in the bathtub?
 Or take a ride on a seaplane, to deliver the mail to the Manitoba north country.
 This delectable mermaid just swam in from Prince Edward Island, according to her licence plate. I like the strategically placed maple leaves!
 Back to school next week, don't miss the yellow school bus.
Here's the man in the moon, closely followed by a couple of chickens.
A view looking up at the reflection of the carousel in the roof. Rides are $2.00 for only about 2 minutes.... rather expensive I think, could cost a lot to take all the grandies there because I'm certain they'd want to ride on all the different creatures. One ride just would not be enough. More pics to come....


  1. Such a treasure! That's recycling at its best! Great work! Love the PEI mermaid.

  2. Oh what fun. There is ALWAYS room for quirkiness and whimsy in my world. And the recycling gives it bonus points.

  3. That looks the craziest carousel I've ever seen, lol :)

  4. How unique! Looks like real fun.

  5. Fairs are always such happy places.

  6. Unbelievably fantastical Shammi, j'adore! It would have to me a ride on the moon for moi :)

  7. A unique and creative carousel, I like it.

  8. Totally unique. Was the music one-off too?

  9. Yes Shammi it is a working lighthouse, I'll show it when it's back in action 😀

    It is all so whimsical. I'd love to see it in person.

  11. I love that moose and corn are characters on the Pride of Canada Carousel!


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