Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Random Stuff

Some random photos from the past couple of weeks.
I love the smell of freshly baked bread, wish I could include it in this blog post. I let the bread machine do all the mixing then I bake the dough in the oven. This bread has a mixture of white and wholewheat flour, oats, chia seeds, flax, bran, and pumpkin seeds. My grandson said it was "so soft that a baby could eat it".
I gatecrashed a wedding last week.... yes, I said gatecrashed. YoungerSon's best friend was tying the knot and YoungerSon and his Bride couldn't be at the ceremony, only at the after-party, so I showed up instead, along with the mum of the best man. It was at the historic Enoch Turner School House in downtown Toronto. Photo taken before most of the guests arrived.

The new Mr and Mrs signing the register. I cried of course. I always cry at weddings and everyone laughs at me. But I've been fond of this young man ever since the kids were all young, and he deserves to be happy.

Fireworks at Markham Fair at the end of September. The camera has a firework setting and I hadn't used it before. Not bad eh?

Finally, a visit to the cardiac doctor in Newmarket. This is the view from his office window looking west along Davis Drive, snapped while I was waiting for the doc to arrive. The brown traffic lanes along the centre are for buses only.


  1. Good idea using the bread machine though I tend to let it bake mine. That looked like a quite wedding I must say and a very nice looking couple. Tried my firework setting out on my Canon SX730 over the week end and was very impressed . Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. I've heard of that old school house, but I've never come across it myself. I like the look of it.

    I've only been in Newmarket on a couple of occasions.

  3. Daughters tend to marry men like their fathers which is why mothers cry at weddings

  4. Mmmm fresh bread. After my father retired my mother woke to the smell of fresh bread (no breadmaker) every morning.
    My eyes get sweaty at weddings too. Love the fireworks, and hope the visit to the doctor went well.

  5. My grandmother, mother and my wife used to make Swedish rye bread. It was, as I used to say, to die for! I'd love to taste your homemade bread, too! Not too many people at the wedding but in this case, it's always about quality not quantity. But what's with so many young men wearing what I call ISIS beards these days. I guess it's about facial hair in general. I wore a beard before they became beard d'jour (I have no idea if the French is correct). Great job on the fireworks. Well, your camera did a great job. But you had to hold it steady and know which setting to use. So, kudos to you, too! I hope the cardiac doctor visit went OK. I know you've got a lot of heart, heck, you gotta have heart (Sinatra said so!) but we want it to be a healthy heart!

  6. The bread sounds delicious.

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

    Take care,

  7. Nice series of photos. The bread does sound good. We have a bread machine and love it. It does a fantastic job and does have a nice aroma when it's in operation. That was nice that you took some photos of the happy couple at their big day. Awesome fireworks, well done.

    Enjoy the week!

  8. I love the aroma of freshly baked bread filling the house. I smiled with the best compliment by your grandson. My daughter uses Home Bakery by Panasonic to make her family happy with the fresh and yummy breads without additives. Shedding tears for someone else’s happiness is beautiful. I wish my camera had a firework setting. Wish you good health and happy week ahead.


  9. The bread is beautiful and sounds delicious!

    Lovely photo of the happy couple. Congratulations!

    I hope that your visit to the doctor went well!

    Many hugs and a lovely week.

  10. My BiL has been posting on FB about his experiments with no-knead bread. It looks interesting and appealing.

  11. The bread looks so good! Looks like a nice wedding too.

  12. Very nice photos. Did the visit to the doctor turn out OK?


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