Friday, 23 November 2018

More Shipping

More of the ships in the harbour at St Johns.

ATLANTIC KINGFISHER is an 80m long offshore supply ship built in 2002 by Irving Shipbuilding, Halifax.  Mostly delivering supplies and personnel to the rigs in the White Rose Field. The Pilot boat will escort all shipping in and out of the narrow mouth of the harbour.

MAERSK DISPATCHER is an 90m long offshore supply ship built in 2005 in Chile. Canada and Chile have a free trade agreement, which favours shipbuilding there due to lower labour costs.

TIDEWATER ENABLER is an multifunctional offshore supply ship built in 2010 in Norway. The cost? About $63 million. The vessel features a 100-tonne/2,000-meter subsea crane, can house two working-class ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicle), has a large deck space of more than 900 square meters, and provides the largest offshore accommodation capacity available.
TIDEWATER ENABLER was in harbour preparing to take part in the recovery of oil from the paper boat MANOLIS L which was leaking oil after it sank in 1985. 
If you want to know more about how the oil was recovered from the wreck of the MANOLIS L, it's here, here and here.

Reflection of the TIDEWATER ENABLER helipad in a nearby office tower.

The harbour at night. There's always something happening out on the water, ships arriving and leaving.


  1. Such a busy port these days for such a small harbour.

  2. Totally alien to me - and fascinating.

  3. Such beautiful ships and a harbor you captured. !My favorite is the third one.
    I think ships are photogenic subject. I would like to visit a harbor in Osaka some day.
    Have a good new week.

  4. The upper deck of the Enabler is visually interesting. I haven't seen a ship like that.

  5. The Tidewater Enabler is a massive vessel Shammi, love the reflection! Night time photos are always intriguing to see, the harbour takes on a completely different 'winding down' atmosphere..

  6. P.s. re me joining in with the lone minstrel... you haven't heard me sing 😀😀

  7. The Enabler is huge, never seen a ship like that before. The reflection in the tower is pretty and the night shot awesome. Lots going on in the harbour. Nice photos!

  8. Cool! I'm always impressed with their size!


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