Sunday, 11 November 2018


November 11 2018.
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
One hundred years since the end of the hostilities known as the First World War.
Back then it was known as the Great War, as nobody imagined that there would soon be another war, even more terrible.
The village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England, is marking the date and honouring the fallen in a unique manner.
Volunteers in the village have been knitting and crocheting more than 5000 red poppies all year with the intention of creating a tribute to the servicemen and women who gave their lives for their country, and also marking one hundred years since the signing of the Armistice in 1918.
The poppies have been attached to a large net and draped on the front of The Institute, the building that houses the small Museum, and also bears a plaque honouring those who paid the ultimate price.

The local paper, the East Anglian Daily Times, can tell you more about the project here. I'm very proud of my cousin Elizabeth who did so much work towards this worthy project, including knitting like mad when I was in Woolpit in the summer. She's wearing the pale blue coat in the first picture in the East Anglian newspaper article.


  1. Such a lovely tribute Shammi and a lot of work too. There was a similar project here also. I looked but couldn't see your cousin in the pale blue coat in the first shot ✨

  2. Kudos to all those involved in this worthy undertaking. If only we (the people of the world) would learn and not allow/elect persons who think war can solve our problems or who seek military solutions to satisfy their need for treasure or territory or fame.

  3. Ah there she is cousin Elizabeth.. they did do an amazing job with this project ✨

  4. Very clever tribute. War is never the answer.

  5. Knitted poppies seems to be a theme throughout the country, my village no less. I think it means more to people having one the care and love that went into making them


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